Teaching Excellence

Early autism intervention, research and awareness at the heart of Summit Centre

Dr. Marcia Gragg believes that there is more hope today for kids with autism than ever before, and this progress is evident in the faces and happy voices of little ones and their parents at the Summit Centre for Preschool Children with Autism, located in the historic Maryvale building on Prince Road.

Dr. Gragg is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and has been on half-time loan from the University as the centre’s clinical director since 2002. She heads a team that not only provides direct service to children and their families, but offers parent training, conducts research and promotes public awareness around autism spectrum disorders. To read this article in full, please follow this link to the Daily News.

To find out more about the Summit Centre’s services and research initiatives visit: http://www.summitcentre.org

Teaching Excellence Recipients

  • Dr. Shelagh Towson (Applied Social) was selected by the Organization of Part-time University Students and the Board of Directors as the recipient of the 2015 OPUS Faculty Award. This annual award was initiated in 1992 to recognize and applaud "the efforts of University of Windsor faculty members who unselfishly assist part-time students in their efforts to achieve academic excellence."
  • Dr. Christopher Abeare (Neuropsychology), Dr. Alan Scoboria (Adult Clinical), and Dr. Lori Buchanan (Neuropsychology) were the recipients of a $75,000 Canada Foundation for Innovation grant to be used for the purchase of a portable functional near-infrared spectroscopy machine, or fNIRS, measuring brain activity. Dr. Abeare was interviewed by Sarah Elliott, and featured on Research Matters (CJAM radio).


  • Dr. Dusty Johnstone (Applied Social Psychology graduate) won the APA Division 5 Dissertation Award (Qualitative) for 2015. This award recognizes an outstanding dissertation that was completed in the previous three years and addressed a topic in qualitative research methods.