Honours Thesis Program

Many graduate programs in Psychology have completing an honours thesis as a minimum condition for admission.

If you are considering an Honours Thesis in Psychology:

  • Make sure that your GPA will meet the admissions criteria for the 4th year thesis course (For Psychology majors, you must have at least a 77% average across all courses and an 80% average in your Psychology courses. For BCN majors, you must have a 80% average in Psychology courses.)
  • Switch to one of the Honours Psychology programs "with thesis" by the fall semester of your 3rd year.
  • Take PSYC-3310 Conducting Research in Psychology in the winter semester of the year before your thesis year. 
  • Consult with one of the psychology advisors, who can help you determine if you are eligible for the 4th year honours thesis course. The undergraduate program chair must sign you into the course. The current undergraduate program chair is Dr. Kristoffer Romero

Some faculty members expect to work with students prior to committing to supervising an honours thesis. You should investigate faculty research interests by the end of your third year and consider approaching faculty members to volunteer in their lab.

Full-time Psychology faculty members and information about their labs and research interests

Honours Thesis Course

The honours thesis course (PSYC-4960 and PSYC-4970) will help to guide you through the process of conducting your honours thesis.

The current instructor of this course is Dr. Kathryn Lafreniere.