Ben Kuo, Ph.D

Office: Room # 261-1 Chrysler Hall South 
Phone: (519) 253-3000, ext. 2238

Dr. Kuo is a Taiwanese-born and Canadian- and US-educated clinical psychology faculty (B.A. and M.Ed. from the University of Toronto; Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln).

Dr. Kuo conducts studies and publishes in the areas of cross-cultural psychology and multicultural counseling/psychotherapy. His main research focuses on the topics of acculturation, cultural stress and coping, professional help-seeking attitude and behaviors, and cultural adjustment and mental health issues among immigrants and culturally-diverse populations in North America and internationally. Currently, Dr. Kuo teaches and supervises graduate students in clinical psychology programs through a multicultural psychotherapy practicum and a didactic multicultural counselling/psychotherapy course.

Dr. Kuo’s clinical experiences extend to clients of diverse backgrounds and issues/concerns, including ethnic and non-ethnic individuals dealing with adjustment, relational, psychological and family problems, and survivors of traumas due to domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, and political torture. He enjoys travel and teaching internationally and has lectured and provided training workshops in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Australia, U.S. and Canada as a distinguished visiting professor in several of the major universities in these countries.

Dr. Kuo is also an active communicator and speaker at various conferences and events for public, community, and religious organizations and audiences and has served as a consultant and advisor on community-based social agencies regularly.

Dr. Kuo and his wife have two young boys. He runs regularly, plays recreational and competitive softball during the spring and summer months, and heads out to fishing whenever he gets time. His other cherished hobbies also include playing the guitar and singing with a baritone voice and crafting and making static airplane models. Finally, he is also an avid reader and amateur historian on military aircraft and the history of World War II.

For more information about Dr. Kuo, visit his personal website.