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Facilities Services


  • If you would like to give away old clothing, donation bins are located in the residence buildings

  • Each residence has a front desk which is operated by student staff through the evening hours. They sign in guests and sign out games for student use.

  • Garbage bins are located on each floor and are regularly emptied
  • Glass and sharp objects should be placed beside the regular garbage, use caution
  • Blue and red boxes are provided for recycling of aluminum cans, fine paper, glass and newspaper
  • Custodial staff are responsible for maintaining public and common areas in the residence buildings and these staff are managed by Facilities Services
  • You are responsible for the cleanliness and condition of your own room and for personal litter in public and common areas
  • Any “messes” left in common areas which require additional cleaning (outside of what would be considered acceptable)  will be charged back to the students on that floor building, unless the person responsible can be identified
  • UwinCARD card is used to operate all laundry machines and the cost is included in your residence fees ($90 will be loaded onto your UwinCARD at move in, this may vary depending on time of move in). Additional laundry money can loaded onto the UwinCARD at any time
  • The cost per load of laundry is $1.75 for wash and $1.50 to dry. There is no refund if you have money left on your laundry card at the end of the semester but the funds remain on your card for use the following year, if you’re returning to residence  
  • You should not be allowing non-residents to do laundry in the residence halls and limit laundering to your own personal items
  • If laundry machines are not functioning, fill out note in binder located in the laundry room. An FC will then contact coinamatic
  • Articles found in residence common areas should be brought to the front office of your building or to the Resident Assistant on that floor
  • If you’ve lost an item, go to the front office of each residence or Campus Community Police.
  • Personal items left behind after move out will be stored for 30 days.  If the items are not claimed, they will be donated to charity.
  • Mail is delivered to your mailbox in the main lobby of Alumni Hall and is picked up Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Box numbers correspond to your room number and you are given a mailbox key
  • Larger packages can be picked up at Alumni Hall between 2 to 4 pm (in Fall and Winter) by showing your UwinCARD.  You will receive an email from SCLogic notifying you that a package has arrived.
  • Do not ask friends or family to send money through the mail system.
  • Mail will not be forwarded after the end of the residence contract date
  • Residence Services will not be accepting package delivery from on-line purchases through LCBO or online Cannabis dispensaries.

 For questions regarding mail delivery, contact  the Alumni building Facilities' Coordinator: 

  • Alumni x 7008

 Your mailing address is:

  • (Your Name)
  • University of Windsor
  • Your building & room #
  • 401 Sunset Ave
  • Windsor, ON, N9B 3P4
  • Canada
  • Citron Pest Control provides monthly service to the residence buildings.  If you are concerned with pests in your room or on your f loor, document your issue in the Citron binder found in the lobby of your building.
  • You can also contact your Facilities Coordinator for assistance.
  • Avoid pests by keeping food in your fridge and your room clean of garbage 
  • You are responsible for providing bedding and towels while living in residence. Beds vary from standard twin size to double size depending on your room assignment.

    We have partnered with Residence Linens. They will ship your order directly to the university and deliver to your residence room before you arrive on campus.

  • Residence Services has partnered with ABC Safeco (order form) to provide a personal safe in students’ residence rooms. This is a great way to secure passports or laptops.

  • Bike rooms are available in every residence. Space is limited so keys are signed out on a first come, first serve basis from the facilities coordinator. You are given a bike room key which needs to be returned at the end of the residence term ($10 will be charged to your account if the key is not returned). Bikes are not allowed in your room due to fire regulations
  • Furniture cannot be stored
  • You are personally responsible for items placed in the storage rooms and all items must be clearly identified with your name
  • University of Windsor assumes no responsibility for missing or damage items
  • We encourage you to purchase insurance on your personal belongings or ensure that you’re covered by your family’s insurance policy
  • The Storage Box

Need a repair done!  Submit a work order form.



For repairs, please complete a work order form (Online Work Order Form). Repairs cannot be done by the student or by anyone other than University maintenance staff.

When you’re requesting a repair, you give implied consent that a maintenance person has permission to enter into your room, even if you’re not there.
If you wish to restrict access to your room during certain periods, this can be noted on the work order request.
In an emergency, access to your room cannot be denied.
You will be given advance notice of scheduled routine maintenance

  • The University of Windsor is committed to ensuring the health and safety of the campus community and has an obligation to inform all occupants of any building containing asbestos. As part of our Asbestos Management Program, an extensive asbestos survey of all University buildings was conducted. Asbestos containing materials (ACM) were identified in a number of buidings across campus including Macdonald Hall, Vanier, Cartier and Laurier Hall.
  • Asbestos poses health risks only when fibres are present in the air and are breathed into the lungs. Fibres can be released into the air when ACM break down through deterioration or when the material is cut or disturbed. Asbestos in residence in it present condition does not pose a health risk to anyone. 
  • There is wireless internet access in each room and the cost is included in your residence fees. Activate your UwinID to login
  • If you choose to purchase an alternative high speed internet package, you can contact Cogeco Cable for hook up. The set up and monthly cost will be at your expense
  • A telephone line is provided for each student and is included in your residence fees.  You will need to bring your own telephone handset.  Telephones are used as a way of communicating with students in the event of an emergency
  • Microwaves located in microwave rooms or in kitchens are for your use. You are responsible for cleaning microwaves and kitchens after each use
  • You will be charged for damage to the microwave from misuse or abuse
  • Kitchens/microwave rooms may be closed by Residence staff if they are not kept clean (for more details, refer to Damages Policy under Residence Community Standards)
  • Ceiling lights and burned out light bulbs on desk lamps requiring bulb replacements should be reported by submitting a work order request on line
  • All residence buildings have a tap card access security system on the front doors.  You will use your student card to enter the building where you live 
  • Once inside the building your room key gives you access to your room with the exception of Alumni Hall. In Alumni Hall, you use your student card to swipe into your suite and then use your key to enter your room, located inside the suite.


  • All of the heating systems in Residences rely on a process called "convection" where hot water circulates through a finned pipe inside a metal cover and the heated air surrounding the pipe rises into the room
  • The water in each residence building is heated with steam which is produced at the Energy Conservation Centre (ECC) and distributed through underground pipes to all the major buildings
  • It is important that the area around the heating unit is kept clear at all times.  The system relies on natural convection and anything in the path of the air entering or leaving the convector can seriously reduce the heating capacity
  • Leaving the window open will cause pipes to freeze.  Please ensure all windows are closed.

Air Conditioning

  • All of the Cooling systems in Residences rely on a process called "convection" where cold water circulates through a pipe inside a metal cover and the cooled air surrounding the pipe rises into the room
  • The water in each residence building is cooled with a chilled water system which is produced at the Energy Conservation Centre (ECC) and distributed through underground pipes to all the major buildings.