ElderCollege Fall 2021 Registration Begins

If you’d like to use our website www.eldercollege.ca to register for your courses I have attached our Online Registration “How To” which will guide you step-by-step through the process.


Now that I am back working in the office, below you’ll find the information you will need if you are planning to register by phone:

****Please DO NOT use the number from our last few registration days.  That phone will not be answered****

Please call:  519-253-3000 x4901

Registration over the phone begins at 8:00am.

You can call anytime on Wed. Oct. 13th before 8:00am to put yourself “in line” by leaving a voicemail message; I will be returning phone calls in the order that they are received.

When you call, just leave a message with your name and phone number.
You do not need to leave your course list or payment information in the message, I will call you back for that!
Once you’ve left your message, you do not need to keep trying the line.
I will call everyone back ASAP!

IMPORTANT:  We are not accepting in-person registrations at this time.

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