Undergraduate Program

 Why do we do what we do? Find it out in this nationally recognized program that provides training related to brain mechanisms that are related to normal behavioural and cognitive functions and neurological conditions as well as animal behaviour in the ecological context of a changing environment. If you’re interested in both biology and psychology, this research-based, elite program with a low faculty-to-student ratio is for you.

Sample Courses: Intro to Psychology as a Behavioural Science, Cell Biology, Biological Diversity, Human Physiology, Developmental Psychology

Career Tracks: Professional school (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry), clinical psychologist, audiologist, biomedical and biotechnical research technician, neurologist

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

BCN students graduate with an Honours Bachelor's of Science in Behaviour, Cognition and Neuroscience. 

A colloquium is an academic seminar in which visiting professors from other institutions and professors from the University of Windsor give a lecture about their research. At each colloquium, we have one scholar present his or her work. This is a great opportunity to be exposed to current and fascinating work around North America. You get to meet other BCN students, eat some munchies and perhaps meet a future supervisor (whether it be for your thesis or for graduate studies).

Colloquia are bi-weekly and mandatory for BCN students.

BCN allows first year students with no prior experience to begin working in a professor's lab, you just need to get out there and ask!

BCN can definitely accommodate students who wish to pursue medicine. It is advised that you take introductory physics (64-130 and 64-131), the second organic chemistry class (55-235) and an English composition course (26-100) in order to cover all your bases. This prepares you for writing the MCAT, applying to medical schools and prepare you if you plan on doing a medical research program (MD/PhD).

The BCN program offers an strong foundation for careers in research or medicine by offering courses that range from physical sciences to life sciences to social science.

At first, the differences between BCN and an ordinary double major in Biology and Psychology may seem quite subtle. BCN stands out because of the superb and supportive faculty associated with the program. With such a small number of students in the program, we are a tight-knit group. This allows for easier academic advising and networking for research jobs and different classes. A major attraction about BCN is the opportunities for research experience from the beginning of your undergraduate university career (first year) to the very end with the required Honours thesis in fourth year. As well, BCN offers the bi-weekly colloquia (for more information about the colloquia, see the answer to that question three questions prior to this one).