Curriculum and Courses



Fall-Year 1


SWRK-9720 Epistemology & Philosophy of Science in Social Work

SWRK-9740 Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research

SWRK-9743 Quantitative Methods in Social Work Research

Program Progression

Identify a substantive area of interest

Students explore potential grant applications related to their substantive area of interest

Meets with faculty members to select as their supervisor

Winter-Year 1

SWRK-9730 History & Theory in Social Work

SWRK-9741 Qualitative Data Analysis

SWRK-9744 Quantitative Data Analysis

Students select a faculty member as their supervisor early in the term (expected though not required to be Dissertation Supervisor)

Annual Report (September 8 to May 31)

Summer-Year 1

SWRK-9980 Dissertation Research

Comprehensive Paper Proposal

Student consult with the supervisor to complete their comprehensive paper proposal and obtain approval by September 1st of the second year.

Fall-Year 2

SWRK-9980 Dissertation Research

Comprehensive Paper

Students work independently to complete Comprehensive Paper – pass by January 1stof the 2ndyear.

Students work with Supervisor to identify a second faculty reader

Winter-Year 2

SWRK-9795 Dissertation Seminar

Continued discussions with Dissertation Supervisor on the research area and dissertation proposal.

Students in consultation with Supervisor, work on completing the dissertation committee

Annual Report 

Summer-Year 2+

Dissertation Proposal 

SWRK-9980 Dissertation Research

Students submit a Doctoral Committee Form to Faculty of Graduate Studies for approval

Students continue to work on dissertation proposal and defend dissertation proposal 

Student achieves candidacy status after dissertation proposal accepted

Annual Report