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Special Constable Service

The University of Windsor places a high priority on the public safety of our campus community. The Special Constable Service (formerly Campus Community Police) work in partnership with the University community to provide a safe and secure environment to all students, staff, faculty, and visitors by providing a 24-hour presence on our campus to respond to routine and emergency calls for service.

Special Constable Service are dedicated and sworn to uphold the Criminal Code of Canada, relevant Provincial Statutes, Municipal and University Bylaws and work in cooperation with the Windsor Police Service and other Provincial and Federal law enforcement agencies.The University of Windsor Special Constable Service respond to and investigate calls for service ranging from general assistance to assaults to domestic disturbances as well as deliver cutting-edge community crime prevention and alert preparedness services to our campus community. The University community numbers almost 20,000 and is in comparison to a "small town." Patrol is facilitated through the use of directed foot patrols, motor vehicles and mountain bike.

The University of Windsor Special Constable Service operate a 911 emergency dispatch centre for the university community. By calling extension 911 from any campus phone, you will be immediately connected to a dispatcher. Special Constable Service respond to all emergency calls - police, fire or medical requests for service. Along with the 911 emergency dispatch centre, there are blue emergency poles located throughout campus and when activated they provide a recorded and traced emergency line to the Special Constable Service.

Please note that there are Special Constable Service personnel stationed inside the office at all times who can respond to any matter that requires assistance. 

Signs have been posted on the Special Constable Service front door indicating how to contact Special Constable Service should the need arise. Our contact information is as follows: 

  • dialling 519 253 3000 ext 4444 for emergency issues 
  • dialing 519 253 3000 ext 1234 for non-emergency issues
  • by dialling 911 at any time 
    • (dialling 911 from your cell phone will go directly to the Windsor Police 911 Communications Centre)
    • (dialling 911 from a University landline or campus emergency phone will go directly to the Special Constable Service Dispatch Centre)


Looking to access Special Constable Service Office after regular business hours?

If you require assistance Special Constable Service are on shift 24 hours - 7 days a week. The photo below shows the exterior of our office located at Sunset and Wyandotte. The office is always staffed. The picture shows where we also have a call box located for immediate assistance exterior of the office. 

The main doors of the campus police office with a blue arrow pointing to the external speaker box.