Mobile phones showing screens from the Safe Lancer App

Safe Lancer Mobile App

      Safe Lancer App Features

  • One-touch access to Campus Special Constable Service and Windsor Police (emergency and non-emergency numbers)
  • Personal “blue light” button for pedestrians on campus to contact Campus Special Constable Service immediately
  • Virtual Walk home features which allow Campus Special Constable Service (or a friend in lieu of Special Constable Service) to follow a walker online to their destination
  • “Chat with Special Constable Service” dispatcher directly using the app
  • National Weather Service and Environment Canada alerts to the home screen
  • Push notifications from UWindsor Alert for campus emergencies
  • Report-a-Tip to Special Constable Service in numerous ways online via the app
  • Access to all campus emergency plans and procedures
  • Crime map—see Special Constable Service and Windsor Police reported crimes on a geo-located map
  • Access to on and off-campus support services
  • Quick links to Special Constable Service social media platform

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