Emergency Preparedness

Your safety on campus is the most important thing the University can address. The University of Windsor has undertaken many steps to ensure that the community is protected in the event of any crisis. Emergency preparedness for our community consists of a wide variety of strategies designed to keep you safe and secure. Feel free to call the Special Constable Service Emergency Coordinator at (519) 253-3000 ext. 8442 for more information.

Emergency Measures on Campus

Alert Mass Notification to the Community

The University of Windsor can provide instant alert mass notification to the community via cell phone, email, text messaging, and flat-screen notification panels throughout campus. Community members are strongly encouraged to register their cell phone and other contact information using UWindsor Alert. Find more information on UWindsor Alert.

Departmental and Large Facility Alert Planning

Every large facility across campus and departments are required to have an alert plan that identifies emergency procedures as well as key emergency personnel on campus. Business continuity plans for each department are also required. Arrange to contact the campus Emergency preparedness coordinator to review your plans, start the planning process or to assist in launching the department program.

Public Education and Awareness

"You are only prepared if your community knows what to do". Educational programs that teach the University community what to do in an emergency are pivotal to saving lives and keeping our staff, students and faculty safe. The University of Windsor is committed to awareness through education initiatives and resources that allow the campus community to learn how to respond in a crisis.

Emergency Management Ontario always provides the campus with the latest developments and trends in emergency planning and response that in turn is brought to you.

View Classroom Evacuation Procedures (PDF format)
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Emergency Operations Software

Key University decision-makers can collaborate and respond to a campus emergency online through the campus' use of virtual alert software, WebEOC. This allows us to respond and communicate with emergency responders throughout Windsor and Essex County as well as the State of Michigan.

Documents available for download:

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