Exchange Ambassador - Derek M.

Profile of Derek on exchange in the Netherlands - plain text to follow

Derek Marshall


Exchange destination: Arnhem Business School (Arnhem, the Netherlands)

Duration: 2 Semesters

Program: Business

High school: Kennedy Collegiate Institute

One word to describe your exchange?

How did you finance your exchange?
I financed my exchange through different jobs, OSAP, and the International Travel Bursary ($1500)

What languages do you speak?
I only speak English. However, after being one of four monolingual people in my entire residence building when I was on exchange, I am now inspired to work on my French.

Coolest place you traveled to during exchange?
Italy was my favorite country for the food. Germany had my favorite nightlife. Portugal was my favorite for the culture. And obviously the Netherlands holds a special spot in my heart after spending a year of my life there!

Hardest person to leave that you met while on exchange?
My best friends from exchange, I know I will see them again - but the people I would see in my residence building were the hardest to leave. The ones who became a part of my daily life, but I didn’t get close enough with to make the effort to visit in the future. It was a sad realization that I may never see these friends again.  

If you were to recommend exchange to your best friend, what would you say?
The opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the norms and customs of another culture is incomparable to vacationing or traveling. I would recommend exchange to absolutely anyone I know. The personal growth and experiential learning gained is priceless. Although the application process, or the thought of leaving to another country can be daunting, there are many people ready and willing to assist you, no matter the distance or the problem. Before, during, and after my exchange, I was able to receive valuable advice from the exchange office in Windsor that was incredibly helpful when I had an issue.  

Is there anything else you would like to share?
If I had the opportunity to redo my exchange, I would, 1000 times over. I love Canada, and I am proud to be Canadian. but the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture and actually live in another country is incredible. It was truly a unique and unforgettable experience, made better through those who helped it to happen, as well as, everyone who I met along the way.


A sample of the classes taken and credits received:

  • International Marketing = 74-435

  • Various strategy and marketing classes that received 3rd and 4th year credits: Business to Business Marketing, emarketing and ecommerce, International Entrepreneurship, Business performance management

  • Plus others