Exchange students in Spain

Exchange Expenses

Tuition Costs

All of our exchange agreements specify that University of Windsor students on exchange continue to pay their normal University of Windsor tuition, according to their program, on a full-time basis, exactly as if they had continued their studies at Windsor. No tuition or application fees are charged by the host university. Students who benefit from a tuition remission due to one of their parents working at the University of Windsor continue to enjoy this benefit while on exchange.

Ancillary Fees

Students on exchange pay normal ancillary fees along with their tuition, except that the various association fees (Commerce, Engineering, etc.) are waived.

Undergraduate students may opt-out of the UWSA supplementary health insurance in the usual way.

Travel Costs

Students on an exchange are responsible for arranging and paying for their own travel.

Costs vary according to where you are going and when. Particularly for Europe, charter flights may be available at a lower rate than for regularly scheduled carriers.

Costs for visa, passport and other documents will also need to be paid.

Accommodations Costs

Students are responsible for the cost of their accommodations. However, through our exchange agreements, the host university is responsible for assisting students to find suitable accommodations. This can usually be done before departure.

In many cases, accommodation in residence is available. Costs vary considerably, as in some countries University residences and meals are subsidized by the government, while in others (as in Canada) they are not.

For an accurate assessment of these costs, check out the web page of the host institution, to which you can find a link under Available Destinations


As OHIP insurance is not adequate for an extended stay abroad, students must purchase additional health insurance appropriate for the country they will be staying in.

In most cases, this is available through the partner institution, and in some cases, it is required.

More detailed information on insurance will be provided at the pre-departure orientation.