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What Is Student Exchange?

The University of Windsor has developed a broad range of student exchange partnerships with other universities and post-secondary institutions around the world. Currently, we have a variety of programs in a variety of countries, involving many different partner institutions, including every continent except Antarctica.

Students who participate in one of these exchanges invariably report that it is the single most valuable part of their university experience.

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Normally, students go on exchange for one or two semesters after completion of four or more semesters of study at the University of Windsor. No tuition is charged by the partner institution, as students continue to pay their University of Windsor tuition while they are away. Some financial assistance is also available. All course credits obtained on exchange may be applied to the University of Windsor degree requirements as appropriate.

While some exchanges allow students to take their courses in English, students are particularly encouraged to consider exchanges which will promote second-language competence. In these cases, students should prepare by enrolling in relevant language courses at the University of Windsor from the time they begin their studies here.

Check out the list of current partnerships available for you.
Others are currently under development.

For more information

The Student Exchange Office is located in the International Student Centre (ISC), located in Laurier Hall (2nd floor).

Students with questions are encouraged to reach out to the UWindsor Exchange Office.

All interested students are encouraged to book a meeting with the Exchange Office before applying.

For in-person meetings, there is a special door for the ICS located to the right of the door for the residence part of the building.

Phone: 519 253 3000, ext. 3934
Location: Laurier Hall, 2nd floor (inside the ISC)