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Eligibility and Rules

Eligibility and Considerations

  • Cumulative average of at least 72% (B-) or better at the time of application.
  • Good academic standing.
  • Completion of two years (approximately 20 semester courses) of University-level education before commencing exchange.
  • Enrolment in a University of Windsor degree program during the exchange period.
  • Second language competence (where applicable).
  • Consent of Faculty of Graduate Studies for graduate students (where applicable).

** Relaxation of these conditions may be considered in special circumstances.

For example, students with a cumulative average of 69.5% to 71.9% can still possibly be considered if the most recent 2-semester averages are 72% (or better)

Other Policies

  • Students are limited to two semesters or one academic year on exchanges per degree program.
  • During the exchange period, students are expected to carry a full course load as defined by the partner institution.
  • Students will not normally be eligible for any refund of tuition fees if they withdraw from exchange before completion of the current semester.
  • Classes recognized for credit by the host institution for their students will be recognized for credit by the University of Windsor (credit weight will be adjusted as needed)
  • Grades received in these courses will be transformed into University of Windsor grades, except for students in MBA or Law (only credits will transfer).
  • Courses which may not be taken for degree credit by students at the host institution will not be recognized for credit by the University of Windsor.

Review the Student Exchange Policy for full details.