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Class Schedules

 A schedule of classes may only be available for the current semester or a few months in advance of the next semester. When trying to plan for your exchange and wanting some idea of want classes 'might' be available, it is a good idea to consult past the schedules for the appropriate semester. 

  • The timetable of classes offered in Fall semester are typically not available until early May
  • The timetable of classes offered in Winter semester may not available until late September

While not all classes are offered every semester or even every year, what was offered in the past is a good indication of what might be offered in the future.

Past schedules (.pdf format):

Fall 2021 -

Winter 2022 -

Fall 2020 -


Winter 2021 -

Fall semester 2019 (1st semester) - September to December

Winter semester 2020 (2nd semester) - January to April

Law classes - with notes for visiting exhcange students

Fall 2018 (first semester)

Winter 2019 (second semester)

Law classes - with notes for visting exchange students





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