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Four students posing in their UWSA Student Groups t-shirt

CCR Organization


  • The CCR database contains 300 Activities and over 1100 Positions.
  • Housed on mySuccess


Athletics and Recreation, Student Associations, Faculty and Department Activities, and Campus Services

  • The four categories are pre-established and all eligible activities must fall under one of the categories.


Ex. Windsor Welcome Week

  • New Activities can be requested by students and/or staff and are reviewed and approved by the CCR staff.


Ex. Volunteer Coordinator

  • New Positions can be requested by students and/or staff and are approved by the CCR staff.
  • Several positions can exist under one activity.
  • Students are responsible for adding positions to their own CCRs before the deadlines.

Individual Student Requests

  • Each student is responsible for requesting the position to be recognized on their individual transcript.
  • Must be validated by a University of Windsor faculty or staff member.