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Leadership Hub

 Leadership education programs

Leadership education often focuses on three areas:

  1. Leadership Training - courses and workshops that teach the theory and principles of leadership
  2. Leadership Development - experiences that help students focus on personal development
  3. Leadership Opportunities - skill-building application of leadership principles in a specific context

This website offers students, faculty, and staff information about the many exciting opportunities available at the University of Windsor, in all three areas. The members of our Leadership Network offer a tremendous diversity of skills, training, and experience.

The website serves as a source of information about the people, programs, and opportunities that will help students develop as leaders. We gladly acknowledge the diversity of leadership programming on our campus, and we are committed to working with all campus partners to help create a Lancer Leadership culture.

Our vision is to help prepare the next generation of Lancer Leaders:

  • Showing vision and courage to make a better world

  • Enabling others through communication and collaboration

  • Engaging with others through commitments to learning, research, and social justice

Please feel welcome to contact us with suggestions and requests.