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JumpStart: Support Program for Success

To support students as they experience their post-secondary educational journey at the University of Windsor, we have created JumpStart, a program intended to provide resources, support, and strategies that are intended to help you succeed! 

It will eliminate some of the navigational burdens associated with finding and obtaining support and developing your skills to succeed at the University of Windsor. It consolidates resources and encourages students to take ownership over their own learning, evolve their professional knowledge and identities, and explore opportunities for connection and getting involved. 

JumpStart will:

  • give you practical academic strategies to succeed
  • familiarize you with campus and it's resources
  • connect you with other students in first year
  • help you navigate your school community

We have created six modules that you can explore at your own pace throughout your first year of University. These modules are inspired by Dr. Diana Brecher's and Dr. Deena Kara Shaffer's Thriving in Action program at Ryerson University and the Bounce Back program at the University of Windsor. 

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eBook Information and Access

Below, you will find information about what each of the six asynchronous modules contain and the link to the eBook that you can access at anytime. 

You may have questions about navigating the University of Windsor as you begin your educational journey as a lancer. This module will help you understand logistics such as how to access the Learning Management Systems (LMS), how to manage your UWin and UWinsite accounts, how to utilize UWindsor mobile apps, and how to navigate campus.
With multiple faculties on campus, there are so many course options to choose from. Each program has course requirements, but you are also able to explore classes outside of your program to fulfill electives. This module will explore how to prepare for course enrolment, explain course options, requirements, and descriptions, and explain how to register for classes.

The transition into your adventure at the University of Windsor can be a lot smoother when you have access to tips and strategies for success. This module will provide you with various sources to help you strive for success and strengthen skills such as organization, time management, and setting intentions.

Taking care of yourself helps you succeed in various aspects of your life, including academically. As there are various ways you can achieve wellness, this module will focus on self-awareness, achieving balance, and building on your strengths and values.

Your journey at the University of Windsor is not just all about academics! Engaging and connecting with your campus community is a great way to enjoy the full Lancer experience. This module will provide you with strategies for staying connected to campus and the community supporting UWindsor.

When transitioning into a new school as an incoming student, you are likely to be presented with a lot of information. While the information you receive is beneficial, it may feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate. This module will serve as your central hub for UWindsor resources and support.


Interested in joining our Winter 2023 Workshops?

JumpStart event calendar for winter 2023 semester

Click here for registration!

University Life 101:

Need a 101-course on the university experience? This workshop includes advice for success - from managing your energy rather than your time, building your resilience, and differentiating between simply surviving vs thriving in your university journey! This session will also cover both academic and personal strategies for success, focusing on progress over perfection, studying smarter instead of harder, and prepping and planning for exams!


Exam Prep:

Let’s get ready for exams! This workshop explores how to study smarter instead of harder in depth - focusing on rooted optimism, energy management, and effective and organized studying techniques. This session also dives deeper into exam prep and planning by focusing on procrastination and accountability, providing insight into exam expectations, and helping you understand how to thrive during the before, during, and after periods of an exam!


TOP 5 Strategies to Succeed in Uni:

Condensing five strategies for success into one session, this JumpStart workshop presents some of the most significant ways to succeed in university into one compact session! This session focuses on personal strategies such as a strengths based approach, resilience, and self-compassion, in combination with academic strategies like effective studying and prioritizing and organizing.


HOW TO Build Work-Life Balance:

Feeling overwhelmed in keeping up with your studies AND life outside of your university endeavours? We can fix that with a workshop that provides a HOW TO approach in achieving work-life balance. This session is full of information on planning, achieving organizing, balancing polarities, and achieving flow!


6 QUICK University Hacks:

Want to know tried and true success strategies for the university experience? This workshop presents you 6 HACKS for your university journey. Learn how to develop a growth mindset, place progress over perfection, achieve balance, how SLEEP is a learning strategy, and how to manage your time.

For more information, contact us at jumpstart@uwindsor.ca.