Lancer Leadership Conference 2022


The 2023 Lancer Leadership Conference aims to help students reflect upon and activate student leadership opportunities. Students learn about three main themes:

  • Leadership & You
  • Organizational and Group Leadership
  • International Leadership (Sustainability Development Goals)

A strong leadership journey begins with your values, your commitments, and your vision. The Lancer Leadership Conference celebrates student leadership and ties them to broader networks and opportunities. 

We will have a call for proposals in the fall of 2022. We hope to have presentations that answer questions such as:

  • What commitments and dreams have powered your work, as you have grown as a leader?
  • What sources of inspiration do you draw upon?
  • What challenges are you working to overcome?

The Lancer Leadership Conference is an interactive opportunity to meet people from UWindsor, in our community and in other regions. We also aim to connect you with international networks so that you have access to solutions to the world's most difficult challenges. Whether you are hoping to present or simply to attend and soak it all in, this day could change your life!

See the Daily News article about last year's conference and keynote speaker Noelle Montcalm!