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Leadership Insights

Learning to lead is a lifelong process. By earning a degree, you substantially increase your earning power – and also the strong likelihood that you will be asked to lead others. A recent survey of industry leaders shows a significant skills gap in leadership skills such as leading others, problem solving, and communication.[1]

Many students today are not interested in the traditional view of leadership in a large organization because it seems to place too much emphasis on profits and production. Working to create social change, develop people, and contribute to society are more attractive goals to many students. Teams want leadership that is less interested in authority or power, and more interested in good judgement and empowerment.

This page offers you leadership vision statements from students, alumni, faculty, and staff at the University of Windsor.

Each photo below is a clickable link, connecting you with a short video on leadership.

We hope you find inspiration here to fuel and energize your own leadership journey.


 video of Dr. Mary Jo Haddad      Dr. Mary Jo Haddad

Former CEO, Hospital for Sick Children, and current Chancellor of the University of Windsor

Video of Dr. Frankie Cachon     Dr. Frankie Cachon

Acting Director, Bystander Initiative, and Faculty Member, Women's and Gender Studies

Jeremiah Bowers

 Jeremiah Bowers

Past President, University of Windsor Students Alliance, and current Chairperson, National Black Students Caucus

Video of Linden Crain     Linden Crain

Business Student, University of Windsor, and Marketing and Communications Intern, City of Windsor Mayor's Office

             Aliyah King talks about leadership     Aliyah King

             Student Aliyah King shares her leadership tips.

[1] QS Intelligence Unit, “The Global Skills Gap in the 21st Century,” 9. Available at Global Skills Gap 21st Century.pdf