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Bounce Back

About Bounce Back 

Bounce Back is a program designed to support students who are struggling to find success during their post-secondary experience that is composed of eight one-hour sessions. This program takes a holistic approach to student success. The program will focus on ways to increase your academic performance through effective learning strategies (i.e. time management, essay and exam preparation, etc.) but is also attentive to the other factors that can pose difficulties to first-year students (i.e. social adjustment, stress, mental health, etc.).

Bounce Back is right for you if you:

  • Want someone to listen to you
  • Need help sorting out next steps
  • Are struggling in your program
  • Feel alone, stuck, or stressed
  • Didn't enjoy first semester
  • Want help from someone who knows what it's like to be a student right now, as well as benefit from professional staff support

Bounce Back can help with:

  • Setting and achieving goals.
  • Prioritizing and motivation.
  • Getting connected to people and groups on campus.
  • Improving problem-solving skills.
  • Figuring out what's expected.

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Student Testimonials

"It is more than what people think, it has helped me in so many more ways than just academically. It’s a great way to reflect and find yourself in a way. it might sound lame or weird but i found this just as helpful mentally and emotionally as academically."
“It gives you some tips on how to reduce stress and anxiety. It is a friendly program and would definitely increase your confidence!”
"I love the staff, administration and the other students in the program. Every single person was so compassionate and supportive toward each other. I will definitely recommend this program to the people I know who are currently in the university because this is the best program to overcome the weakness and flourish the great academic skills that will be so helpful in the future."

"Bounce Back is not just a series of workshops or seminars that you would typically find in UWindsor. This is a fullfledged support program for students that really need help. Not only does the program help you with your academic life, it also teaches you ways to handle problems in your personal life and things you could do to bring improvement to it as well."

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