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Lancer Gaming Rocket League team moves from 10th to 7th place on the Esport Canada Post-Secondary leaderboard.


Two Lancer Gaming teams bring home National Championship GOLD!

The Student Success and Leadership Centre's Lancer Gaming teams are garnering attention across North America.It's quite remarkable that the Lancer Gaming esports program has reached this level in just 3 short years, says Cindy Crump, director of the Student Success and Leadership Centre. She attibutes the international success of the Official eSports teams of the University of Windsor to the drive, strategic thinking and perseverance of students in leadership roles as coaches, players and operations staff.    

Lancer Gaming League of Legends win the National Esport Collegiate Conference (NECC) Nationals - Champions Division

Strategic coaching by League of Legends coach Bryce "BryceCream" Everette throughout the season led his team down the road to nationals who worked hard to qualify for a top 8 national bracket from amongst 5 teams throughout North America post-secondary institutions over the last 8 months. Lancer Gaming then held tight through the quarterfinals with an upset victory over the number 1 seed Golden Gaels (Queen’s) in a best of 3, followed by overtaking Brooklyn College in a 2-0 sweep for the semi-final matchup. AJ “Define Darkness” Villas (Medical Sciences) was deservedly named MVP in this series. Lancer Gaming faced Sacramento State in the final, who had beat the Lancers in an earlier qualifying round. Both teams considered underdogs, but Lancer Gaming meant business as they took the win and the championship in a dominant 3-0 sweep of Sac State. MVP of the finals went to Adam “Pentius” Taylor (Computer Science) for his playmaking throughout the series. Coach Everett exclaimed the impressive playing by the entire team and noted that Lancer Gaming provided an opportunity to create community across several faculties:  Braeden “Yee Boi B” Hutchinson (Human Kinetics), Nicolas “Inkapable” Lebel (Psychology), Adam “Pentius” Taylor (Computer Science), A.J. “Define Darkness” Villas (Medical Sciences), David “Ravven” Neagu (Electrical Engineering), Robert “Hindsight OP” Zompanti (Education) and Husein “TommyToe” Rahman (Business Administration).

Lancer Gaming Rocket League crowned 2023 NECC Nationals Challenger Champions

Lancer Gaming Rocket League dominated the June 17th championship finals in a nailbiter 4-3 series victory over the St. Clair College Saints Academy. UWindsor’s Liam "Aptz" Keenan (Computer Science) was aptly named MVP in the series. Coach Yusuf "Thermalrex" Naebkhil says, "These past games have been the best we've ever played."  Lancer Gaming will look to fill the captain position as Luka "Zehnoh" Velimirovic (Electrical Engineering) will graduate in the fall and has been a strong player since Lancer Gaming's inception. The Rocket League players Harjot "Vxid" Bhamra (Computer Science), Liam "Aptz" Keenan (Computer Science), Saif "Skaoud" Kaoud (Applied Science), Hunter "Haunted" Thomas (Electrical Engineering) all remain on the team for another exciting season this fall.

League of Legends team wins Eastern Conference Championship

Lancer Gaming defeated the New Jersey Institute of Technology Highlanders in the Grand Finals of the Eastern Conference Championship in the Open Division of Collegiate League of Legends. In this best of five, Lancer Gaming took the first game with ease, then fell short in the next two games. With the championship on the line, Braeden Hutchinson clutched up in the top lane to take down four players from the Highlanders and swing the game back in our favour. Through all the ups and downs, Lancer Gaming fought hard as a team to win the final team fight and storm New Jersey's nexus to secure the Championship in Game 5. Follow this link to see the match. 

Coach: Bryce Everett

Players: Braeden Hutchinson (Top Lane), David Neagu (Jungle), Nicolas Lebel (Middle Lane), A,J. Villas (Attack-Damage Carry), Adam Taylor (Support)

Valorant team to compete in NECC Playoffs

Lancer Gaming heads into NCEE Playoffs where Ontario's eights best teams compete for the trophy.

Results: Lancer Gaming (#6) vs. Toronto Metropolitan University (#3)

Lancer Gaming wraps up the NECC regular season

League of Legends (8W - 1L) - Lancer Gaming finishes in 2nd seed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Valorent (4W - 5L) - Lancer Gaming finsihes in the 6th seed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Rocket League (7W - 2L) - Lancer Gaming finishes in the 1st seed.