GLIER research


The Environment is one of the areas of strength at the University of Windsor. Learn about the fascinating research currently undertaken by the University of Windsor faculty members: 

Ihsan Al-Aasm

School of the Environment
Stable isotope and environmental geochemistry; diagenesis; sedimentology

Ahmet Alpas

Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
Lightweight Materials for Automotive Products and Manufacturing Processes.

Abdul-Fattah Asfour

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Transport processes in non-electrolyte solutions in membranes; Isometric properties of lubricating oil.

Ram Balachandar

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Flow past bluff bodies; Cavitation; Sprays; Local scour; Hydraulic structures; Mixing; Jets; Wall jets.

Tanya Basok

Community Gardening, Borders and Environment

Clinton Beckford

Faculty of Education
Tropical geography; Resource sustainability; Environmental education; Geography education; Traditional and indigenous environmental knowledge; Sustainable agriculture and food security; Tropical food production systems.

Niharendu Biswas

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Drinking water disinfection; Land treatment of wastewater; Hazardous waste treatment; Water quality; Water and wastewater in developing countries

Rupp Carriveau

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fluid-structure interaction; Wind energy; Wind transport; Energy storage and management; Cybernetic systems

Xiang Chen

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Network-Based Control System; Robust and Nonlinear Control; Vision-Based Motion Control; Control Applications in Automotive and Manufacturing Systems

Shaohong Cheng

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fluid structure interaction; Environmental engineering; Civil engineering; Structural dynamics; Numerical simulation; Wind tunnel; Bluff body aerodynamics; Vibration and control.

Maria Cioppa

School of the Environment
Paleomagnetism; Environmental magnetism; Environmental geophysics.

Sreekanta Das

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Environmental engineering; Civil engineering; Marine structures; Conventional building; Steel structure fatigue; Steel structures; Energy pipeline structures.

Stephanie Doucet

Intergrative Biology
Behavioural ecology; Evolution; Animal communication.

Ken Drouillard

School of the Environment/GLIER
In situ animal bioenergetics; Contaminant bioaccumulation modeling; Environmental monitoring and management models; Bioavailability; Contaminant food web modeling.

Jamey Essex

Political Science
Development; Geography; Agriculture and food; Environmental studies.

Aaron Fisk

School of the Environment/GLIER
Ecotoxicology; Trophic ecology; Chemical tracers; Fish movement.

Amy Fitzgerald

Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology
Green criminology; Animal studies; Environmental sociology.

Joel Gagnon

School of the Environment/GLIER
Environmental and analytical chemistry; Isotopic and elemental tracers; Environmental assessment and monitoring.

Patrícia Galvão Ferreira

Faculty of Law/GLIER
Climate Action, international and Transnational Law

Faouzi Ghrib

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Structural dynamics; Dam engineering; Design of steel struts; Earthquake engineering; Probabilistic mechanics; Design of concrete; Finite elements.

Robin Gras

School of Computer Science
Artificial life, theoretical biology, ecosystem simulation, predator-prey model, bioinformatics, combinatorial optimization, machine learning.

Alice Grgicak-Mannion

School of the Environment/GLIER
Global positioning systems; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Geospatial metadata systems; GIS and human health; Environmental modelling; Land use regression and air pollution models.

Daniel Heath

Integrative Biology/GLIER
Evolution; Ecology and conservation biology; Fish genetics; Environmental genomics.

Paul Henshaw

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Air pollution from combustion; Environmentally-friendly coatings.

Dennis Higgs

Integrative Biology
Acoustic biology; Sensory ecology of vertebrates; Environmental effects of noise; Fish biology; Hearing.

Chris Houser

School of the Environment
Barrier island evolution;  Rip current development and beach user perception of the rip hazard in Florida, Texas and Costa Rica.

Narayan Kar

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Energy-efficient motor drives for hybrid electric vehicle and robotics applications; ANN/Fuzzy based vector control of DFIG in wind power generation; Efficient and economical design of electrical machines; Development of power line fault classification unit for Essex Power Corporation.

Jerald Lalman

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Wastewater treatment; Renewable energy; Hydrogen; Biotechnology; Bioprocessing; Photocatalysis catalysis.

Oliver Love

Integrative Biology/GLIER
Evolutionary and behavioural ecology; Arctic and temperate avian physiology.

Hugh MacIsaac

School of the Environment/GLIER
Aquatic community ecology; Biological invasions; Zooplankton ecology; Conservation biology.

Hanna Maoh

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Design and application of integrated transportation; Land use and environmental models; Environmental impacts of urban and cross-border transportation; Sustainable transportation and urbanism.

Dan Mennill

Integrative Biology
Behavioural ecology; Animal communication; Ornithology; Tropical ecology.

Kim Nelson

Communication Studies
Environment; Popular culture.

Colin Novak

Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
Acoustic measurement; Environmental noise impact; Automotive sound quality; Environmental vibration impact; Noise control; Psychoacoustic measurement; Vibration; Noise intensity; Acoustics; Noise qualification testing; Sound power determination; Psychoacoustics.

Trevor Pitcher

Integrative Biology
Genetics; Genetic quality and aquatic contaminant stress; Conservation genetics; Captive breeding; Supporting breeding; Aquaculture.

Ali Polat

School of the Environment
Mountain building processes; Early history of the earth; Radiogenic isotope geochemistry; Trace element geochemistry; Archean greenstone belts; Anorthosites complexes; Paleosols.

Graham Reader

Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
Energy conversion; Stirling cycle machines; Underwater vehicles; Clean diesel engine technology.

Reza Riahi

Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
Tribology of metal forming, lubrication, machining, surface engineering, batteries, coatings, corrosion, composite materials, aerospace materials.

Philip Rose

Environmental philosophy (Philosophy of nature; Environmental ethics); Philosophy of technology.

Iain Samson

School of the Environment
Aqueous geochemistry; Mineralogy; Mineral-fluid interactions.

Christina Semeniuk

Integrative Biology/GLIER
Process-driven predictive ecology of resource-use conflicts: behavioral ecology; applied ecology; agent-based modeling; scenario planning; human dimensions of wildlife; geographic information systems.

Rajesh Seth

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Contaminant fate during sewage treatment monitoring/modelling; Water and wastewater treatment; Ozonation and advanced oxidation processes.

Andrzej Sobiesiak

Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
Internal Combustion Engines, Alternate Fuels, Combustion, Measurements in Flows and Flame.

Jacqueline Stagner

Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
Solar Water Purification, and Biobased and Biodegradable Polymers.

Rod Strickland

Visual Arts
Sculpture; Green Corridor; Visual art; Environmental art.

Edwin Tam

Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
Environmental engineering; Civil engineering; Life cycle analysis; Recycling; Waste management; Brownfield redevelopment.

Keith Taylor

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Applied Enzymology and Environmental Biotechnology.

David Ting

Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
Turbulence; Combustion; Fluid-Structure Interactions; Energy Systems and Analysis; Aerodynamics; Wind Turbines.

Sherah VanLaerhoven

Integrative Biology
Insect ecology and behaviour; Biological control; Organic waste management; Forensic entomology.

Kent Walker

Odette School of Business
Organizations and the natural environment.

Chris Weisener

School of the Environment/GLIER
Applied geochemistry and biogeochemistry; Analytical geochemistry; Contaminant stress on ecosystems in changing global environments; Environmental tracers; Applied synchrotron science.

Jennifer Willet

Visual Arts
BioArt; Contemporary art; Biological and digital technologies; Social and political criticism; Ecologies.

Jonathan Wu

Electrical and Computing Engineering
Computer vision, active vision, embedded vision; Machine learning, statistical pattern recognition; Biomedical image analysis; Wireless sensor systems, distributed sensing, sensor fusion.

Iris Xu

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Air quality monitoring; Air quality modeling; Exposure assessment; Air pollution control; Measurement and parameterization of air-surface exchange of air pollutant.

Jianwen Yang

School of the Environment
Environmental geophysics (including geo-electrical, electromagnetic, and seismic methods); Hydrogeology and groundwater contamination.

Ming Zheng

Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
Diesel emission control; Active exhaust after treatment; Combustion; Alternative fuel engines; Thermal/Fluid systems; IC Engine modeling and emission measurements; Clean air; Environmental protection; High-efficiency combustion

Biao Zhou

Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
Electric/Hybrid vehicles; Monitoring and control technologies; Energy storage; Fuel cell; Combustion; Experimental and computational fluid dynamics/heat transfer/combustion/electrochemistry/multi-phase flow; Solar energy; System design