Founder's Message

Dr. Veronika Mogyorody, Coordinator, Visual Arts & the Built EnviromentOver the past decade the link between art and architecture has been finding its place within the wider framework of the humanities and ecology. Greater interest has been shown towards understanding the socio-cultural aspects of art, architecture and settlements, as well as the role built environments play in sustainable systems. Artists, professional designers/architects, researchers and ecologists are beginning to acknowledge the collaborative process that is necessary to tackle the challenges facing us. Growing networks of visual artists working with design professionals are playing a central role in providing creative solutions to local problems. It is this kind of team approach on which the Visual Arts and the Built Environment [VABE] program is established.

As issues related to the built environment become increasingly important particularly as they relate to climate change, peak oil, sustainability, and green building, the interdisciplinary and collaborative framework upon which VABE is structured is absolutely essential if students genuinely plan to affect change. Researchers and environmentalists, whether coming from the traditions of conservation, stewardship, ecological planning, education or activism have come to appreciate the creativity, skills and techniques of visual artists. Given the trend towards sustainable building/development there is growing demand for increased collaboration with the visual arts.

Visual Arts and the Built Environment [VABE] is a unique interdisciplinary and interuniversity program that is designed to promote and encourage linkages between the arts, architecture, social sciences, and sciences through the study of the built environment. VABE transcends the conventional boundaries between visual arts and architecture, and creates a distinctive approach to the study of place. I look forward to working with those students and faculty involved in this creative and collaborative endeavour.

Dr. Veronika Mogyorody
Professor Emeritus - VABE