Celebration of Excellence in Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity

Everyday, across our campus, our community, our nation, and globally, University of Windsor faculty, students, and staff are making a difference through research, scholarship, and creative activity. Our nationally and internationally acclaimed researchers are making significant, real-world contributions to the humanities; social, physical, environmental, and biological sciences; business; law, human dignity, and social justice; nursing; engineering; education; and the creative arts. Through research, scholarship, and creative activity and the cross-transfer of knowledge, technology, and expertise, we are advancing understanding of the world around us, maximizing benefits to society, and enhancing quality of life today and tomorrow.

Each year, the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation celebrates the outstanding achievements and contributions of University of Windsor faculty, students, and staff to research, scholarship, and creative activity through its Research Excellence Awards and by highlighting special awards and honours conferred upon our faculty by external organizations.

Please join President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Rob Gordon, and Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Dr. Shanthi Johnson, in congratulating their colleagues, staff, and students on the following research and scholarly achievements in 2022:

UWindsor Awards for Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Dr. Sreekanta Das Dr. Trevor Pitcher Dr. Guoqing Zhang
Dr. Adrian Guta Dr. Nigel Hussey Dr. Simon Rondeau-Gagné Dr. Anneke Smit
Dr. Jeffrey Dason Dr. Kendall Soucie

Dr. John Magliaro (Co-supervisors: Drs. Ahmet Alpas and William Altenhof)

Paige Coyne (Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Woodruff)

Sylwia Borawski (Supervisor: Dr. Jody Ralph)
Alan Cieslukowski (Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Porter)

Significant Grants and Awards by External Agencies

Drs. Hanna Maoh and William Anderson Drs. Scott Mundle, Aaron Fisk, and Jill Crossman (posthumously) Drs. Phillip Karpowicz, Drew Marquardt, and Barbara Zielinski
Dr. Jeffrey Dason Dr. Phillip Karpowicz Dr. Charlene Senn
Dr. Adrian Guta

Drs. Dana Menard, Kendall Soucie, Laurie Freeman, and Jody Ralph

Drs. Bala Balasingam and Francesco Biondi
Dr. Sreekanta Das
Dr. Ming Zheng

Drs. Shahpour Alirezaee and Jalal Ahamed
Dr. Sreekanta Das
Dr. Nick Eaves
Drs. Waguih ElMaraghy and Hoda ElMaraghy
Drs. Rajesh Seth, Nihar Biswas, Edwin Tam, Rajeev Ruparathna, Rupp Carriveau, Lindsay Miller-Branovacki
Dr. Ming Zheng (2)

Drs. Anne Snowdon and Abdulkadir Hussein

Dr. Adrian Guta
Dr. Lana Parker

Drs. Oliver Love and Christina Semeniuk

Drs. Anneke Smit, Heidi Jacobs, and Sarah Glassford

Dr. Ram Balachandar
Drs. Ning Zhang, Arunita Jaekel, Ikjot Saini

Special Honours Conferred by External Organizations

Patents Issued

Drs. Jalal Ahamed and Simon Rondeau-Gagné Drs. Roman Maev, Mircea Pantea, and Fedar Seviaryn

Research Board and Committee Contributions

Dr. John Hudson (Chair) Chitra Bidlon, Cassandra Catalano, Dr. Jerry Cohen, Charmaine Gaoiran, Dr. Nigel Hussey, Jessica Johnston, Dr. Terri Lawrence, Nick Lester, Sherri Lynne Menard, Aaron Newhook, Dr. Siyaram Pandey, Dr. Kimberley Quinn, Lillian Scorrar, Samuelle Simard-Provencal, Linda Sterling, and Benjamin Wolf
Dr. Scott Martyn (Chair) Abrahim Abduelmula, Dr. Stephen Bartol, Elise Bosson, Dr. Laura Chittle, Dr. Natalie Delia Deckard, Frank Ely, Dr. Nicole Freeman, Marc Frey, Dr. Glynis George, Leo Gil, Dr. Christopher Greig, Dr. Adrian Guta, Marla Jackson, Dr. Phillip Karpowicz, Dr. Matt Krause, Dr. Calvin Langton, Dr. Wally Liang, Dr. Saverpierre Maggio, Donna McLean, Sherri Lynne Menard, Dr. Rosanne Menna, Karen Metcalfe, Krista Naccarato, Mary Jane Nohra, Ashlyne O’Neil, Dr. Siyaram Pandey, Harmony Peach, Dr. Kathryn Pfaff, Nadia Roopnarine, Loretta Sbrocca, Dr. Ina Seviaryna, Dr. Allyson Skene, Dr. Clayton Smith, Dr. Maureen Sterling, Dr. Bonnie Stewart, Dr. Paula van Wyk, Jennifer Voth, and Andrew Ward
Dr. Matt Krause (Chair) Dr. Christopher Abeare, Dr. Anthony Bain, Stuart Castillo, Ashley Dadalt, Michelle Dao, Dr. Ken Drouillard, Dr. John Hudson, Andrew Jenner, Dr. Dorota Lubanska, Dr. Scott Martyn, Sherri Lynne Menard, Dr. Daniel Mennill, Devinder Moudgil, Dr. Michelle Nevett, Dr. Siyaram Pandey, Harmony Peach, Dr. Lisa Porter, Heather Pratt, Dr. Steven Rehse, Dr. Vesselina Roussinova, Dr. Kara Smith, Tina Suntres, and Cayla Wood

Past Recipients of Awards & Honours for Excellence in Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity