Research Chairs

Research chairs enable the University of Windsor to attract and retain the brightest minds in research and scholarship in a number of disciplines. They deepen our knowledge and improve quality of life, training the next generation of highly skilled people through student supervision, teaching, and the coordination of other researchers' work.

These programs fall into several categories:

Canada Research Chairs 

Canada Research Chairs are funded by the Government of Canada to drive Canadian research and development excellence, to create world-class centres of research, and to enhance Canada's competitiveness in the global knowledge-based economy. 

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Industrial Research Chairs

Industrial Research Chairs are funded jointly by Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada and industry to assist universities in pursuing new directions or in building on existing strengths to achieve the critical mass required for a major research endeavour in science and engineering of interest to industry. Senior Industrial Chairs are researchers of international stature who bring an innovative perspective to the university in carrying out and managing research, and training researchers.

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Ontario Research Chair

Ontario Research Chair - The Government of Ontario has funded a new policy research chair in Cross-Border Transportation Studies at the University of Windsor.

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