Privacy Policy

Student Health Services
University of Windsor

Commitment to Privacy

Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information has always been an important aspect of The University of Windsor’s Student Health Services (“SHS”) operations. The appropriate collection, use and disclosure of patients’ personal health information is fundamental to our day to day operations and to your care.

We strive to provide you with excellent medical care and service, which includes treating your personal information with respect. Each member and employee of SHS must abide by our commitment to privacy in the handling of personal information.

Applicability of This Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy informs you of our commitment to privacy and tells you the ways we ensure that your privacy is protected. Our Privacy Policy applies to protect the personal health information of all our patients that is in our possession and control.

What is Personal Health Information?

Personal health information means identifying information about an individual relating to physical and mental health (including medical history), the providing of health care to the individual, payments or eligibility for health care, organ and tissue donation and health number.

The 10 Principles of Privacy

Our Privacy Policy reflects our compliance with fair information practices, applicable laws and standards of practice.

1. Accountability

We take our commitment to securing your privacy very seriously. Each physician and employee associated with the practice is responsible for the personal information under his/her control. Our employees are informed about the importance of privacy and receive information periodically to update them about our Privacy Policy and related issues.

2. Identifying Purposes: Why We Collect Information

We ask you for information to establish a relationship and serve your medical needs. We obtain most of our information about you directly from you, or from other health practitioners whom you have seen and authorized to disclose to us. You are entitled to know how we use your information.  We will limit the information we collect to what we need for those purposes, and we will use it only for those purposes. We will obtain your consent if we wish to use your information for any other purpose.

3. Consent

You have the right to determine how your personal health information is used and disclosed. For most health care purposes, your consent is implied as a result of your consent to treatment, however, in some circumstances your expressed, sometimes written, consent may be required.

4. Limiting Collection

We collect information by fair and lawful means and collect only that information which may be necessary for purposes related to the provision of your medical care.

5. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

The information we request from you is used for the purposes defined. We will seek your consent before using the information for purposes beyond the scope of the posted Privacy Statement.

Under no circumstances do we sell patient lists or other personal information to third parties. There are some types of disclosure of your personal health information that may occur as part of this Practice fulfilling its routine obligations and/or practice management. This includes consultants and suppliers(i.e. labs) to the practice, on the understanding that they abide by our Privacy Policy, and only to the extent necessary to allow them to provide business services or support to this practice. But we cannot be responsible for how these agents handle this documentation.

We will retain your information only for the time it is required for the purposes we describe and once your personal information is no longer required, a period of 10 years after the last office visit, it will be destroyed. However, due to our ongoing exposure to potential claims, some information is kept for a longer period.

6. Accuracy

We endeavour to ensure that all decisions involving your personal information are based upon accurate and timely information. While we will do our best to base our decisions on accurate information, we rely on patients to disclose all material information and to inform us of any relevant changes.

7. Safeguards: Protecting Your Information

We protect your information with appropriate safeguards and security measures. The Practice maintains personal information mostly in electronic files and some in paper form. Recent paper records concerning individuals’ personal information are stored in files and kept onsite at our office.

Access to personal information will be authorized only for the physicians and employees associated with the Practice, and other agents who require access in the performance of their duties, and to those otherwise authorized by law.

We provide information to health care providers acting on your behalf, on the understanding that they are also bound by law and ethics to safeguard your privacy. Other organizations and agents must agree to abide by our Privacy Policy and may be asked to sign contracts to that effect. We will give them only the information necessary to perform the services for which they are engaged, and will require that they not store, use or disclose the information for purposes other than to carry out those services.

Our computer systems are password-secured and constructed in such a way that only authorized individuals can access secure systems and databases.

If you send us an e-mail message that includes personal information, such as your name included in the “address”, we will use that information to respond to your inquiry. If your communication is very sensitive, you should not send it electronically unless the email is encrypted or your browser indicates that the access is secure.

8. Openness: Keeping You Informed

The Practice has prepared this plain-language Privacy Policy to keep you informed.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about privacy, we invite you to contact the Director of Student Health Services by phone (519) 973-7002, and your concern will be addressed to the best of our ability..

9. Access and Correction

With limited exceptions, we will give you access to the information we retain about you within a reasonable time, upon presentation of a written request and satisfactory identification.

We may charge a fee for this service and if so, we will give you notice in advance of processing your request.

If you find errors of fact in your personal health information, please notify us as soon as possible and we will make the appropriate corrections. We are not required to correct information relating to clinical observations or opinions made in good faith. You have a right to append a short statement of disagreement to your record if we refuse to make a requested change.

If we deny your request for access to your personal information, we will advise you in writing of the reason for the refusal and you may then challenge the decision.

10. Challenging Compliance

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have about your privacy or our Privacy Policy. We will investigate and respond to your concerns about any aspect of our handling of your information.

In most cases, an issue is resolved simply by telling us about it and discussing it. You can reach us at    

Director, Student Health Services
University of Windsor
401 Sunset Ave., Windsor, ON N9B 3P4
Telephone: 519-973-7002
Fax: 519-971-3637

If, after contacting us, you feel that your concerns have not been addressed to your satisfaction, we will provide information on other complaint procedures that may be available to you.


Any changes to our Privacy Policy shall be acknowledged in this Privacy Policy in a timely manner. You may see when this Code was last updated by referring to the modification date found below.


Approved March 15, 2007.
Reviewed May 2010
Reviewed December 2014
Reviewed May 2018

Guidelines for Patient Use of Services

Privacy and Confidentiality

Student Health Services (SHS) staff members are bound by condition of employment, law and ethics to safeguard your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. We will only collect the information that may be necessary for your care; keep accurate and up-to-date resources; safeguard the health records in our possession; share information with other health-care providers on a “need to know” basis where required for your health care; disclose information to third parties only with your signed, written consent or when legally required; retain and destroy records in accordance with the law. Your request for care from SHS implies consent for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information for purposes related to your care. You have the right to see and to obtain copies of your records. Please speak to your health care provider if you have concerns about the accuracy of your records. SHS requires clients to provide their student number, address, phone number, date of birth and health card number.

Email Communication

SHS may use e-mail to communicate with patients with regards to referral notifications and notification to contact the clinic. You have the right to decline e-mail communication and the inclusion of your email address in your confidential health record.

Governing Law and Jurisdication for Legal Action

Governing Law:

I hereby agree that the relationship and the resolution of any and all disputes arising there from between myself and any member, past or present, of the staff of SHS shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario.


I hereby acknowledge that treatment will be performed in the Province of Ontario and that the Courts of the Province of Ontario shall have jurisdiction to entertain any complaint, demand, claim or cause of action, whether based on alleged breach of contract or alleged negligence arising out of treatment. I hereby agree that if I commence any such legal proceedings they will be only in the Province of Ontario, and hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusion of the Court of Ontario.

No Show and Cancellation Policy

Student Health Services requires at least one hour prior notice of cancellation of an appointment (a message can be left on the phone @ 519-973-7002). NB: At least 24 hours prior notice of cancellation is required for appointments with the Psychiatrist. Failure to keep an appointment or to provide adequate notice will result in a fee being charged to your student account.  The fee schedule is posted at the SHS office and on the SHS website.

Third-Party/Non-Insured Services

SHS provides certain services that are billed directly to the patient and paid for at the time of the visit. THIRD PARTY SERVICES: any examination, assessment and/or form completion requested or required by someone other than the patient or physician, e.g. employer, educational institution, insurance company. UNINSURED SERVICES: services that are considered medically unnecessary by the health insurance plans, e.g. certain wart treatments, travel advice and care, documentation of missed exams/class, etc.

April 2018

Health Coverage and Billing Information

Health Insurance Covered by Direct Billing:

  • Canadian Provincial Health Plans (for example OHIP)
  • Green Shield Medical/Hospital Coverage (OHIP Equivalent)
  • SACB/Great West Life (OHIP Equivalent)
  • Cowan (OHIP Equivalent)
  • Guard.me (limited coverage - does not apply to all types of claims)

Cash, UWin Cash and Credit/Debit are Accepted Payment for:

  • Uninsured services at Student Health Services
  • No proof of valid health insurance coverage**
  • If one of the acceptable insurance plans cannot be verified as current and valid at the time of your appointment and payment by cash, UWin cash or Credit/Debit is not possible the appointment will be cancelled.
  • Funds paid to SHS will be reimbursed to patient upon receipt of payment from the health insurance company

Uninsured Services Include but are not Limited to:

  • Third Party Requests
  • Medical Certificates
  • Letters
  • Consultations and injections related to travel
  • Charges for missed appointments
  • Medical services that have been delisted by the Ontario Ministry of Health
  • Medical services not covered by Guard.me insurance

Examples of Invalid Health Insurance:

  • Expired provincial health card
  • Electronic notice from OHIP that health card is not valid
  • Other health insurance plan cannot be verified at time of appointment
  • Proof of current enrollment in school not available (Green Shield)

All outstanding accounts at Student Health Services must be paid in full before another appointment can be arranged.

October 2014
Reviewed April 2018

Policy On How To Handle Inappropriate Patient Behaviour

On occasion, we have a difficult patient who causes a disturbance in the clinic (e.g. behaves in a manner that is threatening to other students or staff).

The staff will make every effort to accommodate the patient.   In circumstances when a patient is exhibiting behaviour of significant disturbance in the clinic and/or is judged to be a threat, physical or otherwise, to students/staff, Campus Community Police will be called.

Student Health Services
401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4
telephone 519-973-7002  fax: 519-973-3637

Reviewed November 2010
Reviewed April 2018

Missed Appointment Policy

Student Health Services is a very busy clinic and students are waiting for appointment times.  
To avoid a charge for missed appointment call to cancel (your student account at Cashiers’ will be charged).

Cancel your doctor's appointment by calling (519) 973-7002
 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Leave a message with your name, student number, date and time of appointment that you wish to cancel.

Speak clearly. We do not need to know why you are cancelling your appointment.

You will not be charged as long as you call up to 24 hours before your regular scheduled appointment.

Charges for missed appointments are as follows:

Regular Doctor Visit:   $20

Health Review/Physical Exam:  $50 (with or without a pap)

Counselling Visit:  $50

Dietician Visit:  $20

Missed Initial Visit for:

  • Birth Control:  $50
  • TB counselling:  $50
  • Pre-Natal:  $50
  • Psychiatrist:  $130.00

Psychiatrist Follow-up Visit:  $65

Travel Counsult:  $50

3rd Party Visit:  As per quoted amount


For any questions regarding this information, contact Student Health Services at:

Student Health Services, Room 242 CAWSC
401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4
telephone 519-973-7002  fax: 519-973-3637

Reviewed April 2018

Non-Resident Patient Policy

As of May 12, 2005, non-resident students ie. those with no home/residence address in Windsor (Canada) area ie. living in Michigan/USA and crossing the border each day for classes, will not be seen at Student Health Services until further notice.

These students will be directed to other services providers (clinics).

Residence addresses will be routinely checked by ID to verify residence status.

The above policy was discussed with and suggested by University Legal Counsel. 


Student Health Services
401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4
telephone 519-973-7002  fax: 519-973-3637

Reviewed May 2010
Reviewed April 2018

Print a copy of the Third Party Immunization Form (PDF format). 

The cost of completing Student Health Services Third Party Immunization Form is $50.00.

The cost of completion of third-party immunization forms is a service that is not covered by provincial or private health insurance plans. Student Health Services (SHS) processes multiple forms each day. In order to complete these requests effectively, we must adhere to the following policy. 

  1. SHS has developed a generic, comprehensive Third Party Immunization Form that addresses all possible immunization requirements. 
  2. Student Health Services will provide documentation for immunity status, vaccination history and TB screening using only this Third Party Immunization Form. The cost of completing this form is $50.
  3. To proceed with having an SHS Third Party Immunization Form and all accompanying tests and immunizations, contact the Student Health Services receptionist at 519-973-7002 to book this appointment with the Nurse. All immunization records and related third-party requests must be brought to the appointment.
  4. The Nurse will review the third party requests with the patient and order the necessary laboratory tests and required immunizations. TB skin tests will be completed and/or chest x-ray requisition will be given. 
    • OHIP covers the cost of TB tests for clinical placement.  
    • A fee is charged for TB testing needed for paid employment purposes.  
    • Cost: one-step $20;  two-step $25 (if a patient has never had a TB test)
  5. The patient must schedule an appointment with a physician for two weeks after they have their blood work done. The Student Health Services' Physician will review and sign the SHS Third Party Immunization Form at this appointment.
  6. The cost of the Third Party Immunization Form is $50.00.  Fees are payable at the first appointment. Debit, Visa and Mastercard are acceptable forms of payment.
    • SHS suggests that this process is started well in advance of form submission deadlines.
    • Your patience is appreciated while we try to accommodate you in the timeliest manner possible.

March 2022