Doctor's Visits Off-Campus

If you cannot get an appointment at Student Health Services or you need medical attention in the evening or weekend, you can go to a walk-in clinic.

For community walk-in clinics you do not need an appointment, you just show up at the office. Walk-in Clinics run on a first-come/first-served basis. The waits are long (often over an hour) so you must be flexible and available to wait to see the doctor. Follow the same procedures as for going to your doctor’s appointments. Make sure you bring your Green Shield or other Health Card. Not all walk-in clinics take the Green Shield card. You may have to pay for your doctor visit and get a receipt. Bring the receipt to the International Student Centre with your student card to fill out the Green Shield claims form for reimbursement.

West Windsor Urgent Care Centre
2055 Huron Church Rd 519-255-9185
(beside Shoppers)
Accepts valid Ont Health Card & Green Shield
(make sure you have a valid sticker on your student ID card)

Windsor Medical Clinic (near Campbell Ave)
1608 Tecumseh Rd. W., 519-258-4400
Accepts valid Ont Health Card & Green Shield
(make sure you have a valid sticker on your student ID card)

Grand Marais Medical Centre 
2930 Dominion Blvd,  226-773-6260
Accepts Ontario Health Card only-all other insurance will be CASH for service.

** Always call first to confirm times.


Emergency room services are for emergency medical concerns.

The waits in emergency rooms for non-urgent matters are long – expect to wait for hours (three to four hours is not uncommon).
Follow the same procedures for going to a doctor’s appointment, like making sure you know the medications you are taking or bring them with you.
The Emergency Rooms are located at Windsor Regional Hospital (Ouellette Campus) and at Windsor Regional Hospital Metropolitan Campus.

Bring your Green Shield or other Health Card.

Contact information for the two hospitals can be found on our website.

In the case of a medical emergency call 911 on any phone for an ambulance.

Answer the operator’s questions and an ambulance will come.



Regular dental care (about once a year) is important for your health. You are responsible for finding your own dentist. Student Health Services does not provide dental services, however, there is a dentist on campus: You are able to use your student health insurance to cover some services; Call office for details.

Bring your student benefits card (undergrad: student card; graduate student: Green Shield) to your dentist appointments.

Depending on the procedure, a percentage of dental costs are covered by insurance.


  • Campus Dentist
    • CAW Centre (lower level)
    • 519-973-7000 or 519-253-3000 ext 7000
    • By Appointment Only
  • Dr. Joe Belsito
    • 2095 Wyandotte St. E.
    • 519-258-1240
    • Speaks Italian, Arabic
  • Dr. Simon Wu
    • 1689 University W. Unit A
    • 519-977-8685
    • Speaks Cantonese, Mandarin interpreter Fri & Sat
  • Dr. Gregorgy Hanaka
    • 3170 Sandwich St. W
    • 519-258-6211

Optometrists Eye exams are usually done every two years. Eye exams are covered by your benefits provider. For full-time undergrad students, your benefits insurance is through UWSA and your student card is your benefits card. For graduate students, your Green Shield benefits card covers the cost of eye care. The cost of glasses depends on the type of frame and the strength of the lenses. The coverage for glasses is set, so any costs over the benefits insurance must be paid by the patient. The undergrad coverage for glasses is $80. If new glasses cost $150 the student must pay $70 of their own money.

The student is responsible for finding their own optometrist.

Check the yellow pages in the phone book or conduct an online search.

The optometrist closest to the university:

Transit Windsor schedule and maps:

  • The Transit Windsor Website has maps of Windsor and the bus routes available online. The CAW Student Centre desk sometimes has Transit Windsor maps and schedules.

Taxi Services in Windsor:

  • Check in the yellow pages of the phone book for service outside the city
  • Canadian Checker Cab: 519-254-7777
  • Veteran’s Cab: 519-256-2621