The Write Pulse

The Write Pulse is an e-newsletter produced through the Centre for English Language Development (CELD), that provides tips for students based on recurring writing themes.

A new issue will be available biweekly, featured in the University of Windsor Student Experience newsletter.

Our hope is that with each issue, you will find the tips applicable to your academic studies, while improving your writing skillset.

Issue No. 10: Revising

Issue No. 9: Punctuation: The Semicolon

Issue No. 8: Graphics: Graph Selection

Issue No. 7: Style: Concise Language

Issue No. 6: Referencing: APA Format

Issue No. 5: Grammar: The Comma Splice

Issue No. 4: Oral Presentations: 6 Key Steps

Issue No. 3: Critical Thinking: Bloom's Taxonomy

Issue No. 2: Drafting: The 5-Paragraph Essay

Issue No. 1: Planning: Prewriting