English Language Improvement Program (ELIP)

ELIP studentsEach ELIP level is 12 weeks and focuses on developing reading and listening comprehension, as well as oral and written communication.

ELIP Foundation - Introduces students to the organizational principles of paragraph structure.

ELIP 1 - Familiarizes students with academic skills such as note-taking, summarizing, and structured writing.

ELIP 2 - Expands on students' syntactic and discourse patterns while further building upon student's academic writing and presentations skills.

ELIP 3 - Advances students' accurate use of English structures and enhances academic skills, including developing persuasive writing and critically extrapolating and synthesizing information.

ELIP 3 Fast Track - A condensed, 8 week ELIP 3 program. Please contact applyesl@uwindsor.ca before applying for this program.
- Successful completion of ELIP 3 / ELIP 3 Fast Track meets University of Windsor English proficiency requirements for both undergraduate and graduate admissions.

*Students participate in a placement test upon their arrival. A valid standardized test score (CAEL, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) may be considered in support of a student's language profile.

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