Opt Outs

All fees charged to your account are mandatory although you may opt-out of the drug and dental plan and U-Pass if you qualify.  If you have alternate coverage, you can opt out through UWSA, OPUS, or GSS. The University works with the Student Society and insurance carriers to verify coverage and if accepted, no charge will be billed. To avoid billing, you must opt out by Aug 1, 2017. If you do not opt out early, you can opt out on UWinsite Student, however, payment must be made by the deadline and refunds will be done via direct deposit. Standard opt out can be done between Sept 1 and Oct 1. Traditional Opt Out is Sept 1 to Oct 1 and is completed at  Before you opt out, understand you cannot opt-in until next school year and cannot use UHIP/Trillium Benefits as coverage. If you have questions, email


All undergrad and full-time grad students are charged a fee granting them access to unlimited Transit Windsor bus services from Sept 1 - Apr 30.  Students who are not full-time in the fall but are registered in full-time classes in winter will be charged half the fee and will get a bus pass from Jan 1 - Apr 30.  Any student who has been a full-time student in the fall or winter can purchase the pass in the summer. Students who live outside the Transit Windsor service area can opt out of the bus pass. Visit for details about bus pass pick up, deadlines for opt out and info required to opt-out.