Student Ancillary Fees


Fees in Support of Student Associations and Societies

Compulsory ancillary fees are established by the Ancillary Fee Board, a Board comprised of over 50% students, and approved by the Board of Governors each year.

Fees are assessed and collected by the Office of Student Accounts, but a number of the fees are set by the student associations. 

Those fees have been identified by an asterisk (*).  Fees are listed alphabetically. Students can use the Tuition Estimator to determine the amount of each fee.

Download the 2024/25 Ancillary Fee Schedule

The Computer Science Society provides academic and recreational support to all of its members. They host recreational events as well as workshops to teach students about different data structures. They hold free tutoring sessions and host a very active discord community where students can approach others for help in their studies.

The Creative Arts Student Society creates a sense of community, camaraderie, and boosts morale within the student body of the School of Creative Arts (SoCA). Along with SoCA, CASS hosts workshops throughout both Fall and Winter semesters. CASS tries to encourage all UWindsor students to experience the atmosphere of the creative arts community in Downtown Windsor.

The Engineering Society provides academic, social and professional opportunities to member students.

The Education Society provides academic, social and professional support for teacher candidates in all streams of the program.

The Engineering Society provides academic, social and professional opportunities to member students.

This fee supports the Grad House and all UWindsor Graduate Students by ensuring that a physical location for students to come ask questions, obtain information about GSS services and programs, and feel safe when seeking assistance or direction on student experience concerns.

The fee is be used to support the physical operations of the house like the purchasing of technology, the lease for our printer, mail distribution, cleaning, office supplies, office equipment and other expenses incurred in the operation of the physical Grad House.

The Green Shield student drug and dental plan is a major benefit to our members and one that many students need in order to be successful while a member of the GSS. An administrative fee has been added to the program to ensure that program administration, face to face interactions, plan review and a direct link to the insurance provider is always maintained.

The Green Shield student drug and dental plan is a major benefit to our members and one that many students need in order to be successful while a member of the GSS.

The purpose of this fee is to provide direct operational and service support to all GSS members. From events, conference travel grants, sponsorships, club supported events and all general operations this fee has always been the core of the GSS funding model.

The Office of the Student Advocate was established to provide academic support to GSS members that is not provided or covered by the University. Assisting in writing academic appeals, representing and advocating for students in academic need is the core duty of this office.

HK Society strives to create a welcoming and helpful atmosphere to students in every phase of their undergraduate degree. We offer academic aids in the form of tutoring groups for certain classes and stress support days during exam periods. Our central dogma is family. Supporting one another in the pursuit of academic excellence as well as personal growth.

Our society acts as a unifying force for international students and is a means of communication between our members and the governing bodies of the university. We seek to make the transition between cultures smoother.

The Windsor Student Law Society offers services including 1L orientation, formal, mental health events, and all the other fun stuff that makes your law school experience epic.

Nursing Society is the bridge of communication between nursing students, the nursing faculty and the community. Nursing Society hosts social events for nursing students of any year to come together, make new friends and have a fun time. It organizes volunteering events for nursing students to get involved in community work and give back.

This is an affordable and accessible insurance plan that includes drug prescription, dental, vision, emergency travel, mental health and more. Students who have existing comparable coverage are able to opt-out. Students have the option to add family members for a discounted rate.

OPUS part-time undergraduate student members have access to various services. OPUS offers a study space, lounge, and kitchen area including printing, faxing, and photocopying services in our office. Our friendly staff members are always willing to answer any of your questions or concerns.

OPUS part-time undergraduate student members have the opportunity to access numerous scholarships and bursaries including free tuition and orientation bursaries, which are funded by OPUS (along with our generous sponsors). 

OPUS part-time undergraduate student members have access to engage with the University of Windsor campus community. We offer social events such as a Welcome BBQ, Appreciation Week giveaway swag items, guest speakers, health and wellness workshops, food, money prizes, information sessions, networking, and volunteer opportunities.

This program provides students with life-changing opportunities to continue their education on our Canadian campus. This program provides education, employment and empowerment opportunities that improve the lives of millions of disadvantaged youth around the world.

The Odette Commerce Society (OCS) is the Odette School of Business’s Student Association, representing undergraduate students and being an umbrella organization for subsidiary Odette clubs. The Odette Commerce Society's mission is to encourage the perpetual success of students and communities, through student leaders who support empowering students, and community service projects.

The role of the Odette MBA society is to facilitate the leadership, administration and educational needs of the MBA class.

Science Society, representing all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science, provides academic representation for science students to the Dean, Faculty of Science, and the University as a whole, while working to develop policies to fulfill student needs. The first priority of Science Society is to enhance students' experience, while also helping students prepare for the next steps once they graduate.

The Social Work Student Association seeks to represent, support and advocate for Social Work Students while promoting the interests and rights of the students.

SAHSS is the student society representing the largest faculty on campus, hearing your concerns, addressing your issues, hosting numerous networking opportunities and events, and uniting thousands of students studying arts, social sciences and the humanities.

The Universal Bus Pass program (UPass) is a card-based bus pass service that is provided by Transit Windsor.

The Universal Bus Pass program (UPass) administration fee supports the administration of the pass, distribution and all student related interactions with the program. Students who are able to opt-out of the UPass program based on the agreement with Transit Windsor will still be assessed the admin fee. 

This fee will be waived for Fall 2020, Winter 2021 and Fall 2021.

This fee is dedicated to addressing accessibility needs of students and breaking down accessibility barriers on campus.

This fee supports the equity network promoting cultural and educational activities that document and celebrate the contributions made by peoples of African descent in the world, as well as providing supports for our Black student community on campus.

The Office of Student Empowerment fee ensures the UWSA can provide support for undergraduate students who have questions, concerns, or seek navigation through the University’s policy process; including support for academic grievances, discipline, petitions, and appeals. The UWSA also serves to provide student representation on academic disciplinary bodies for major academic matters.

This fee supports a charity that is chosen by students every year.

This fee supports the academic events, initiatives and programming of the academic societies on campus.

The UWSA will reduce this fee by 38% for Fall 2020.

This fee supports your student life on campus, ensuring access to year-round events such as Welcome Week, the annual homecoming festival, free student breakfast programs, free exam de-stressors (i.e.: Ball pits, pizza, coffee, goodie bags) and much more. This is what makes the difference between being just a student and being a Lancer on campus.

A technology fund to support your academic experience through initiatives, such as free-to-use computers in the Student Centre, free printing and the UWSA Hub communication portal for students to explore student life activities on campus.

This fee supports the annual education of a refugee student.

A peer-to-peer program designed as a safe space for womxn on campus to reach out to trained staff and volunteers for assistance, counselling and resources specific to womxn.


Capital Fees

The fee was established in support of the mortgage taken by the University to fund the construction of the CAW student centre.
This fee was originally approved by students via a referendum. The fee will not be assessed until the Lancer Sports and Recreation Centre (LRSC) becomes operational.
The fee was established in support of the mortgage taken by the University to fund the construction of the St. Denis Centre.

Other Ancillary Fees

The fee supports a portion of the salaries, activities and program expenses of Athletics & Recreation Services.

This fee has been rebated by 25% for Spring 2020, Fall 2020 and Winter 2021.

The fee contributes to the operating costs including maintenance, renovation and furniture in the CAW Student Centre.

This fee supports the Learning Centre for B.Ed. students. It is a place to meet and prepare for practice teaching placements. It pays for the maintenance of the space and updates to technology, furniture, security and other equipment.

As a result of our primarily online learning environment, this fee has been completely waived for Fall 2020, Winter 2021 and Fall 2021.

This first-year fund pays supports Head Start (summer orientation) sessions and all Welcome Week programming (whether virtual or in-person). It also helps to support all international student orientations.

The funds that are generated from this fee go to maintaining, repairing, updating, and replacing computer and audio-visual equipment and software that students use in a number of classes and that we use to deliver these classes.  The use of this equipment is available both in person and virtually.

This fee is used to maintain, repair, update and replace furniture and appliances in the undergraduate lounge and atrium spaces within the Human Kinetics building. 

As a result of our primarily online learning environment, this fee has been completely waived for Fall 2020, Winter 2021 and Fall 2021.

This is compulsory for students without provincial health insurance (i.e. non-resident health insurance coverage). All international students are automatically assessed this fee. 

The fee supports the activities of the Law Career Services Office. The office provides comprehensive career development programming, workshops and events to assist students in their pursuit of summer, articling and clerking opportunities around the country.  In addition, the CSO provides individual career counselling, tracks statistics and enthusiastically promotes our students to legal markets in Canada, the United States and internationally. 

This fee supports Law students in the production of materials to support program and course learning outcomes and objectives, routine duplicating carried out in the Faculty of Law to support the curriculum, the cost of leasing photocopy equipment and the cost of paper and photocopy supplies including binding and specialized paper products needed to support our program.

As a result of our primarily online learning environment, this fee has been completely waived for Fall 2020, Winter 2021 and Fall 2021.

The nursing lab fee equips nursing students with the lab kits they require to complete their courses. 

This fee supports the Student health and wellness centre, that provides a range of service options for medical and mental health care for students.

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