Benefits Plan

OPUS Benefits Plan for Part-time Undergraduate Students

The OPUS Benefits Plan are in its "17th" year of service to part-time undergraduate students.

Fall 2023 opt-out/family opt-in period is from Aug. 1 to Oct. 4, 2023. The Winter 2024 opt-out and family opt-in period is from Jan. 1 to Feb. 5, 2024. (*For students that began 2023-24 acadmic year in Winter. Those continuing from Fall 2023 are enrolled in benefits plan or opted-out.*)




Once the student is enrolled in the benefit - they can add family members (spouse/common-law and/or children) for an additional fee.

**Please contact the OPUS Office by Email: for more information on Family OPT-IN fees.**

OPUS drug & dental

The 2023-24 benefit year fee is $340.97 for Fall 2023 & Winter 2024. The coverage period is from Sept. 1, 2023 (or Jan. 1, 2024, for students starting in Winter) until Aug. 31, 2024.

Please note that all part-time undergraduate students, regardless of when they start (either September or January) are charged the same fee since they would receive the same amount of coverage.

*Please be advised that all students are required to be enrolled in the benefit and taking 3 courses or less on a part-time basis before they can request couple or family coverage.

Important Notice: Usually during the first 6 weeks of each semester, students would need to hold their claims (if any), until they are officially active in the Green Shield system and until the opt-in and out process is finalized.* Our insurance provider Green Shield processes the plan enrolments for Fall 2023 students sometime in October. *If you were registered in Fall 2023, please be advised that you have already been charged this annual fee and/or opted-out and received a refund*.

You have the following options in regard to receiving your card; 

  1. If you have GSC on the Go on your mobile device, you’ll always have an electronic version of your ID card available. 

  1. Although we encourage you to proceed with the first option, you still can simply log in to your Online Service account and print one off yourself. 

  1. If you require another ID card to be sent to you, please call a GSC Customer Service Representative at 1-888-711-1119. 

For more information please visit the Green Shield Webpage.  

Click here to access the Opt-in form 

You must be a part-time undergraduate (3 or less courses in Fall or Winter) 

Students are typically assessed this fee on their student account and are then enrolled in the OPUS Drug & Dental Plan once the university provides us the data and GSC processes the plan activation. Senior, co-op, internship/practicum, exchange and ELIP/CELD Students must OPT-IN if they wish to obtain coverage by completing the form and pay us the fee directly by etransfer or cheque.


Visit this page to view the Traditional opt-out form

(E-mail as there is a 2 day grace period after the deadline per policy) 

Fall 2023 deadline Oct. 4, 2023

Winter 2024 is Feb. 5, 2024

NOTE: You must have existing comparable coverage in order to opt-out. 


Early opt-out period

Please visit this page to view the early opt-out form 

(*Only available for Fall students*) 

Please be advised the University of Windsor decided to eliminate the Benefits plan fee Early Opt out for students starting 2021-22.

Your Drug/Dental/EHS claims are paid by Green Shield 

All claim inquires call Toll Free 1-888-711-1119, Local: (519) 739-1133 

View your claim status on-line through Plan Member Online Services 

When making a pay direct drug/dental claim the pharmacy/dentist will need to know the following: 

Your Group Number: # 32000 

Provider: Green Shield 

Your Greenshield ID # OPU _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (9 digit alpha numeric number) 

Example: If your student ID # is 9 digits, the correct ID # would be OPU102569699 

If mailing your claim please mail your prescription drug/dental directly to Green Shield at: 

Attn: Drug Dept. P.O. Box 1652, Windsor, ON. N9A 7G5 

Attn: Professional Services, P.O. Box 1699, Windsor, ON. N9A 7G6 

Attn: Medical Items, P.O. Box 1623, Windsor, ON. N9A 7B3 

Attn: Out-of-Country Dept. P.O. Box 1606, Windsor, ON. N9A 6W1 

Attn: Vision/Hospital Dept. P.O. Box 1615, Windsor, ON. N9A 7J3 

Attn: Dental Dept. P.O. Box 1608, Windsor, ON. N9A 7G1 

GSC direct deposit

More information:

View the OPUS Benefits Plan Booklet 2022-2023 here

OPUS Benefits Plan Policy

Important Information for Co-op Students!