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D2L’s Brightspace is UWindsor’s new online learning delivery software, also known as the Learning Management System (LMS). The Brightspace LMS offers access to your class materials with tools to interact with your instructors, submit your assignments and view your grades, and find what you need to do next. It has a modern look and feel to help you easily find and complete your tasks.

Go to Sign in using your UWin ID email ( and password Find your course in the course selector in the mini-nav bar found at the top of the page (see the image below) Select a Course

You cannot change your password in Brightspace as it uses your UWinID password.  To change or reset your UWinID password, visit

Brightspace offers Brightspace Pulse, available on Google Play and the App Store, which allows students to receive course notifications on the go. The app is not recommended for course activities such as quizzes and assignments as it has alot of limitations. We recommend using the browser on your device ( Safari on iOS, and Chrome on Android) instead of the Pulse app.

All current versions of modern browsers as Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari are supported. You will be unable to access Brightspace when using Internet Explorer. Read all the Computer and Browser requirements

Please submit a ticket and be sure to include the course code that needs to be removed.


How do I find my courses?

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How do I submit assignments in Brightspace?

Can I delete an assignment submission?

How do I use Turnitin?


How do I take a quiz?

What do I need to know about taking tests/quizzes online?

How do I request another quiz attempt?

  • Contact your instructor

Can Brightspace be used for proctoring quizzes or tests?

  • No, there is no capacity for Brightspace to be used to proctor assessments.


How do I view my grades?

How do I view my class progress?


Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Brightspace PULSE app.

How do I edit my user profile and picture?

How do I send an email in Brightspace?

How do I send an instant message in Brightspace?

How do I view my Calendar?


Turnitin is a similarity checker and marking interface for instructors to use to measure the similarity between student submitted work and other works in the database. Turnitin does not determine if an assignment is plagiarised; it acts only as a tool for instructors that highlights any similarities.

If Turnitin has been enabled for your assignment, your assignment will automatically be submitted to Turnitin when you submit it.

Instructors can choose to enable Turnitin on assignments they create. If your instructor enabled Turnitin for an assignment, you will see the small Turnitin™ Enabled icon  (it looks like a page with binoculars in front of it) to the right of the Assignment name in the Assignments tool assignment list.  You will also see “This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin™,” at the top of the Assignment Information when you open the assignment.

No, the similarity report is only available after your assignment is handed in.

No, Turnitin does not mark or grade your assignments. The Similarity report percentage you see is how much of your assignment is similar to other documents such as an assignment already submitted to the University of Windsor, reference material, or web page, for example. Instructors must provide the appropriate grade.
Turnitin also provides instructors with a marking/feedback interface that they can use to assess your assignment.


Just like with any assignment submitted, Brightspace will send an email to your UWindsor outlook account to confirm your submission was received.

Academic Success

The University of Windsor offers students the Writing Support Desk to assist them with their assignments.

Find out more about what academic integrity means at the University of Windsor on the Academic Integrity web page.