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On-line application

Students are advised to go through the Residence License Aggreement before filling out the application form.


The acceptance of our application by Canterbury College (“the College”) and the giving of the lease of an apartment is based on our present and continuing representations and warranties that, throughout
the term of the lease and any renewal or continuation thereof:
at least one of us will be a registered full-time student (graduate or undergraduate) attending the University of Windsor; and
no other person (including children) will occupy or be given the right or permission to occupy the apartment either temporarily or otherwise; and
we will not bring or keep any animal or other pet in the apartment
we will pay once each academic year, the Canterbury College Student Council Fee then prevailing (approx $90.00 for single tenant and $145.00 per couple). We will abide by the terms of Canterbury’s lease agreement and rules and regulations

Additional Fees and Charges Disclosure:

  1. The lessee will pay a $25.00 Key Deposit (per set) refundable when key is returned on departure.
  2. A $100.00 Damage Deposit must be paid upon taking up residence and will be returned in full upon leaving residence if no damage is done. If damage occurs, then costs will be deducted from this deposit.
  3.  IN GFH AND PARKER- Loadable Laundry Card as needed are available at the administration office. Card must be returned to the Admin office upon leaving or resident will be billed an additional $10.00. An unused portion of the card is non-refundable. IN CANTERBURY COMMONS- The Lessee will pay $10/month for laundry.
  4.  A non-refundable $400 deposit is required upon application. Upon the first day of the first month of the lease, first and last month's rent is due. Deposit will be deducted from this payment.
  5. Canterbury Commons, Parker House and GFH apartment Leases are signed for a minimum of 1 year

If any of the foregoing representations and warranties cease to be true (of which the College shall be the sole judge), we will: vacate the apartment within one month of written request by the College; and the University of Windsor may withhold our transcripts, future university registration rights and graduation at the request of the College until the College has notified the University that all monies owing to the College from time to time have been paid.

I understand the Canterbury College Privacy Policy is committed to ensuring that personal information gathered from applicants is disclosed to a third party limited to that which is required to administer the College and is disclosed on a need to know basis.

CLICK HERE to fill out a Student Apartment Application.