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Cover Letters

A cover letter is a comprehensive summary that outlines in paragraph form how your skills and experience relate to the job for which you are applying and why you would be a good fit for the company.

The same keys apply to cover letter writing as they do for resume development. Remember that each job is unique and thus, your cover letter should be as well. Focus on quality over quantity and ensure that your grammar and spelling are spot on.

Cover Letter Basics

Tailor Your Cover Letter to Each Job: Using one cover letter for all applications will not catch the attention of the employer and drawing phrases directly from a sample or copying a friends cover letter will only make you blend into the stack of applications the employer will receive. Cover letters should be very focused on the skills you possess that are needed by the employer. Also, showing you have a passion for the position and the work done by the company is very important.

Provide Enough Detail but Be Concise and Focused: Include accomplishments and skills that are relevant to job and leave off information that is of less interest to the employer. Include experiences that are more relevant earlier in your body paragraphs, often leading with technical skills required for the job.

Focus on Accomplishments and Skills: Provide specific job titles and company names and highlight key accomplishments and skills gained from each. Think about unique projects in which you took part, times when you took initiative, and achievements for which you were recognized.

Ensure No Grammar or Spelling Errors: Cover letters offer a key way for employers to assess your written communication skills. For this reason, it is imperative that you review your document multiple times for spelling and grammar errors. Also make sure the sentences flow and paragraphs connect.

Make Sure It Is Easy to Read: Follow the guidelines laid out on our Cover Letter Format & Content page to ensure you are keeping the readers attention.

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