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Welcome to Ignite! Ignite is an inclusive, on-campus employment program that is open to all University of Windsor students (some restrictions apply, see below for details).

Resources for Hired Students


All students are able to view the jobs in Ignite on mySuccess

You do not need to apply to the Ignite Program to view jobs. All students can view the positions and given the option to apply according to the instructions on the job posting. If you are hired into an Ignite position, you are now a part of the Ignite program. All positions are hired by individual supervisors or departments.

Before you apply, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements listed below.

Welcome back to Ignite! Ignite will follow the same procedures established in 2020-2021. All students are able to view and apply to the positions on mySuccess. Students will be required to attend a Launch Session after they have been hired into a position. As a returning student, you will need to complete Launch Session for returning students. 

Application Information

Eligibility Criteria 

  • A student can only hold one Ignite-funded position each year and once hired cannot move to a different Ignite position. The only exception is when a student is hired into a Fall-only position and is then hired into a different Ignite role for Winter. 

  • Please note that participation in Summer 2022 Ignite does not affect a student's eligibility for the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 terms.  

    Students must meet the following requirements to be hired into an Ignite-funded position and eligible to work on campus through this program: 

  • Good academic standing (cumulative average of 60% or higher and not be on academic probation); 

  • Registered in a minimum course load (60% for domestic; 80% for international; 40% for students with a documented permanent disability); 

  • Not in a co-op work term in the semester they are employed in an Ignite position; 

  • International students must have a fully approved study permit and a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN). 

  • Students cannot work more than 24 hours per week on campus (across all roles they may be hired into). Students with a GA role are limited to 100 hours of other work per semester.  

** International students that have yet to land in Canada or those that have returned home before obtaining a SIN, may not be eligible at this time. For more details about how international students can obtain a SIN, see: https://www.uwindsor.ca/international-student-centre/87/working 

How do I apply?

View All Ignite Job Postings on Mobile

1. Log into mySuccess under "Students"

2. Select “Search Postings”

3. Select “Ignite- Work Study”

4. Select "View all job postings"

View All Ignite Job Postings on Desktop

1. Log into mySuccess under "Students"

2. Select "Ignite- Work Study" on the left hand menu

3. "View all job postings"

Application Help

Each job posting will have a list of required documents and how to apply to the position. Here are some tips:

  • If you need help with your cover letter and resume, consider making an appointment with one of our Career Advisors. You can book a 30-minute appointment and can help you tailor your cover letter and resume to the job posting.
  • Make sure your resume and cover letter are submitted in PDF format
  • Each job posting will also have instructions: apply through mySuccess or via email. Please ensure you read the application procedure!

Although we strive to provide employment opportunities to as many Ignite students as possible, JOBS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.  Success in securing a job depends on your performance during the application and interview process. You are competing with your classmates and other students at the University of Windsor. We cannot guarantee that you will be hired into an Ignite role. As with any job search, it is up to you to secure a position.

Next Steps

Ignite Work Period, Summer 2022 

  • Summer 2022 First day to work Tuesday May 9th, 2022 
  • Deadline to hire— Friday July 8th, 2022 
  • Last day of work— Friday August 19th, 2022 

Ignite Work Period, Fall 2022 

  • Eligible first day of work Fall/ Fall/Winter jobs go live on mySuccess—Tuesday September 6th, 2022
  • First Fall Launch Session—Friday September 9th, 2022
  • Deadline to hire a student for Fall-only or Fall/Winter roles— Friday October 28th, 2022
  • Last day of work for Fall –Thursday December 22nd, 2022

Ignite Work Period, Winter 2023

  • Eligible first day of work/ Winter job postings go live on mySuccess— Tuesday January 3rd, 2023
  • First Winter Launch Session—Thursday January 5th, 2023
  • Deadline to hire a student—Friday February 24th, 2023
  • Last day of Work—Friday April 14th, 2023
  • Final reimbursements—May, 2023

First Time Working at the University of Windsor?

  • Please carefully review the information on Student Appointments from Human Resources for further infomation about hiring procedures, requirements, multiple appointments, and the number of hours students are elgible to work on campus each term.

  • Complete the full Student Hiring Package and submit it to the Human Resources Department. Once HR processes your Student Hiring Package, you will receive a copy of your UWindsor Employee ID.

  • Once you have an employee number, you’ll have to complete your mandatory training within your first 2 weeks of employment.

Returning Employee?

  • Please carefully review the information on Student Appointments from Human Resources for further infomation about hiring procedures, requirements, multiple appointments, and the number of hours students are elgible to work on campus each term.

  • If you already have an employee number, have worked at the University within the past year and there are no changes to your banking information, you are not required to complete the full Student Hiring Package. You must, however, provide your UWindsor Employee # to your employer.

  • If you already have an employee number but you have not worked at the University for over one year, you must complete the full Student Hiring Package and submit it to Human Resources and provide your UWindsor employee number to your employer.

Information on student payroll can be found on our payroll website: http://www.uwindsor.ca/finance/sites/uwindsor.ca.finance/files/student_hiring_procedures.pdf

Your time sheets are to be submitted to your supervisor bi-weekly. All timesheets must be signed off before being submitted to the payroll office. A copy of the submission calendar is available here.

Time sheets are available online, but always check with your supervisor how they wanto you to submit your payroll.

What is a Launch Session - A launch session is a onboarding session that is required for all students who are hired into an Ignite position. Students are required to attend a Launch Session within the first two weeks of their start date.  These sessions can be found online on mySuccess.

How to Sign-up For a Launch Session

Step 1: To Sign up, login mySuccess

Step 2: Select "Career" on the blue menu on the left

Step 3: Select "Career Events"

Step 4: Select "View Career Calendar"

Step 5: Select the "Ignite Launch Session" event that works best for you

Step 6: Select "Register for this event"

Instructions for How to Attend a Launch Session

  1. Log into BlackBoard
  2. Select “Organizations” in the top ribbon
  3.  Select “Ignite- Work Study”
  4. In the Ignite- Work Study BlackBoard menu, select “Launch Session”
  5. Join “Course room” – Please plan on being 10 minutes early

Have your initial check-in meeting with your supervisor within your first 2 weeks of employment and establish a personalized development plan. Think critically about the competencies you would like to develop in your role!


Check-In Information

The check-ins are career conversations that you will have with your supervisor where you will discuss goals, skill development, and how things are going so far in your role. The check-ins aim to help you develop a positive relationship with your supervisor that is built on good communication, intentional goal setting, and reflection

Initial Check-In

Within the first two weeks of your employment, you will have a meeting with your supervisor reflecting on goals, competencies and learning outcomes. Once complete, employee and supervisor will sign the form and upload it to BlackBoard under "Check-Ins"


Performance Evaluation

Within the last 2 weeks of your employment, you and your supervisor will have a meeting reflecting on similar topics to your initial check-in.

Your Supervisor will complete a performance evaluation for you and review it with you at an in-person meeting. Both you and your Supervisor will sign the form to indicate that you have discussed the results of their evaluation. 

Once complete, the supervisor can email a copy to you and cc:Ignite or you and the supervisor will sign the form, and you will upload it to BlackBoard under "Check-Ins"


Final Reflection

In addition to your final performance evaluation (Completed by your supervisor) you are required to complete a final reflection. Students will complete a Final Reflection on their own on Qualtrics after their performance evaluation. They do not have to print or fill out anything on paper; it will be done completely online. Their Final Reflection should take place after your performance evaluation.



Have Questions?

Please contact our Program Coordinator, Avy Maharaj: