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Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders are a common feature in the University workplace and pose hazards such as high pressures, asphyxiation, fire, explosion and manual handling. The average standard size cylinder is pressurized at 2,200 PSI (pounds per square inch). These cylinders are safe under normal use; however, serious accidents have resulted from the misuse, abuse, or improper handling of compressed gases.

For an overview of the key safety considerations when using compressed gas cylinders read the following Lab Safety Bulletin

LSB #2008-21 - Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety (.pdf)

Gas Cylinder Training

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Cryogenic Liquids

Cryogenic liquids (argon, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen and oxygen) and certain other liquefied gases are kept in their liquid state at very low temperatures (-60/C to -266/C). Very small amounts of these liquids produce large amounts of gas. Cryogenic liquids are classified as "compressed gases" according to WHMIS criteria.  Safety precautions that must be taken with compressed gases also apply to cryogenic liquids. Consult the product's MSDS for specific guidelines regarding health and safety information, personal protective equipment and emergency recommendations.

Everyone who works with cryogenic liquids (also known as cryogens) must be aware of their hazards and know how to work safely with them.

LSB-2008-20 - Handling and Transport of Cryogenic Liquids (.pdf)

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