Speaker Series Mar.11

Thursday, March 3, 2022 - 15:00

Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation & Rhetoric along with the PhD in Argumentation Studies at the University of Windsor invite you to a talk by

Rose Marie Barrientos
PhD Candidate

“Art as Argument”

Initially met with controversy, visual & multimodal argumentation was admitted into Argument Studies, allowing the creation of a cluster where my research as art historian finds its niche. Today I propose an exploratory venture where I contemplate the possible connections between art and argumentation. Can art be argument? And if so, how is it articulated? How does it persuade? Visual and multimodal argumentation theories provide a fertile ground for these interrogations, but the nature of the art at the center of my research – contemporary artworks that are significantly different than historical art and also other forms of visual argumentation – calls for a more specific interpretative framework. Following the dematerialization of art that gave rise to conceptual practices, the artists in my study turned to economic phenomena for inspiration, using the economy as model or muse.

Friday, March 11, 2022


Weekly presentations conducted via Zoom as well as in-person meeting in CHS 53.

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