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Critical Thinking Education and Assessment

WINDSOR STUDIES IN ARGUMENTATION (WSIA) is pleased to announce the publication of the 12th book in its series on the study of argumentation. The second edition of Critical Thinking Education and Assessment: Can Higher Order Thinking Be Tested?, edited by Jan Sobocan, contains a series of important papers from the first edition and a new Introduction by Jan Sobocan.  The essays are an important read for anyone interested in the issues raised by the teaching of critical thinking and consequent attempts to test its success. They discuss attempts to use testing to ensure educational accountability, the politics of testing regimes, and the shortcomings and the strengths of standard tests used to teach and assess students, courses, programs, and the tests themselves. The collection can serve as a useful introduction to the questions assessment raises at the same time that it provides answers to these questions from the perspective of many different trends within contemporary argumentation theory.

The anthology’s contributors include many leading figures in the fields of informal logic, critical thinking, testing, argumentation theory, and educational theory: J. Anthony Blair, Roland Case, Frans H. van Eemeren, Robert H. Ennis, Bart Garsen, Carol Ann Giancarlo, Leo Groarke, William Hare, Donald L. Hatcher, , Ralph H. Johnson, Linda Kaser, Sharon Murphy, Jan Sobocan, and Gerald Nosich.


1. Introduction to the Second Edition, Jan Sobocan
2.. Assessing Critical Thinking Dispositions in an Era of High-Stakes Standardized Testing, Carol Ann Giancarlo-Gittens
3. What's Wrong with the California Critical Thinking Skills Test? CT Testing and Accountability, Leo Groarke
4. The Implications of the Dialectical Tier for Critical Thinking, Ralph H Johnson
5. Investigating and Assessing Multiple-Choice Critical Thinking Tests, Robert H Ennis
6. Imagination, Critical Thinking, and Teaching, William Hare
7. The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test: Creative Higher-Order Thinking? Jan Sobocan
8Teaching and Assessing the "Tools" for Thinking, Roland Case
9. Central Reasoning Assessments: Critical Thinking in a Discipline, Gerald Nosich
10. The Institutional Assessment of Critical Thinking: A Fifteen-Year Perspective, Donald L. Hatcher
11. Putting Pragma-Dialectics into Practice, Frans H van Eemeren and Bart Garssen
12. Who Teaches K-12 Critical Thinking? J Anthony Blair
13. Accountability and Critical Thinking in K-12 Education: A Policy-Developer's Perspective, Linda Kaser
14. Matters of Goodness: Knowing and Doing Well in the Assessment of Critical Thinking, Sharon Murphy

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