Summer Institute

Summer Institute 'Argumentation and Changing Actions'

The week following the conference, May 27-31, 2024, there will be a Summer Institute, organized and presented by members of the executive committee of the Argumentation Network of the Americas (ANA): 

Registration is $400 for the week. Register now. Registration ends April 23, 2024.

Topic: Theoretical Approaches to Practical Reasoning and Argumentation 
Instructor: Michael Baumtrog (Toronto Metropolitan University) 

Topic: Pragmatic Argumentation in Public Policy Debates 
Instructor: Constanza Ihnen (University of Chile) 

Topic: Non-verbal Argumentation Among Political Candidates 
Instructor: Harry Weger (University of Central Florida) 

Topic: Legal Argumentation 
Instructor: Fábio Shecaira (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) 

Topic: Debating vs. Deliberating Toward Action 
Instructor: Sarah Partlow Lefevre (Idaho State University) 

Topic: Virtues and Decision-making 
Instructor: Andrew Aberdein (Florida Institute of Technology) 

Presentations by students