Speaker Series 2024 January 26th

Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation & Rhetoric along with the PhD in Argumentation Studies at the University of Windsor invite you to a talk by

Dr. Michael Regier, PhD, University of Sheffield

Figuring the Topos: Finding Common Ground in Cognitive Environments

ABSTRACT: Effective communication relies on the use of rhetorical devices and strategies to make ideas present in the minds of an audience. While cognitive environments do provide a significant and important conceptual tool for understanding and anticipating an audience’s experiences, beliefs, and knowledge, a more robust conceptualization is necessary. We propose the concept of a topos: a shared meeting place within cognitive environments to which both author and audience contribute in order to discover common ground for discourse. It is in figuring the topos effectively that cognitive environments can more accurately and effectively be mapped onto each other.


Friday, January 26, 2024

3:00 pm

Chrysler Hall North, 1163