UP Manual of Policies, Procedure & Practice

This online manual outlines not only the duties and responsibilities of the personnel involved in creating and mounting a University Players production, but also defines both codes of practice and related policies.

For any organization to run smoothly and efficiently there must be guidelines and policies that are constant and adhered to by all participants. Such policies are not meant as dictatorial but are intended, rather, as an outline of information that fosters mutual consideration and respect.

University Players is proud of its heritage and contributions to the public and university communities.  It is far more, however, than an organization that produces plays. It is a serious and dedicated training ground for young theatre artists; it is a venue where faculty, staff, and guest artists find an opportunity for creative expression. It is an organization which consistently strives to showcase not only professional-calibre content, but also professional conduct. In other words, we put equal emphasis on both the product and the process.

The creative environment of the theatre is a dynamic and, often, volatile one. Paradoxically, the theatre artist is a creative individual who contributes a personal and unique expression to the theatrical experience; but each of us, no matter how integral to the final outcome, must rely on others to aid in the execution of our expression. Theatre, as distinct from every other fine art, evolves through, and is presented by, an ensemble of contributors.