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Dr. Graham Reader

Dr. G. Reader

519-253-3000 ext. 5105
Office: 129 Centre for Automotive Research and Education (CARE)


  • BA (OU)
  • BTech(Hons) (Bradford)
  • PhD (Combustion) (Bradford)
  • Psc (Joint Services College –Greenwich)

Research Interests

  • Energy conversion
  • Clean diesel engine technology
  • Stirling cycle machines
  • Underwater vehicles
  • Naval and military history

Professional Affiliations

  • Fellow of Engineers Canada
  • Fellow of the IMarEST
  • Member of SNAME, IEEE, ASME, AIAA, MTS, SAE, IMechE, USNI, Naval Review, US Submarine League, CSSE.  
  • PEng (APEGA, PEO), CEng (UK), CMarE (UK), Eur Ing (FEANI)

Selected Publications

  • Graham T. Reader, Usman Asad and Ming Zheng; "Energy Efficiency Trade-off with Phasing of HCCI Combustion"International Journal of Energy Research, Vol 37, Issue 3, DOI: 10.1002, pp. 200-210, 2013.
  • M Zheng, G T. Reader and  J. Gary Hawley, “Diesel engine exhaust gas recirculation––a review of advanced and novel concepts.” Energy Conversion and Management 45, 883–900, 2004
  • G T Reader, I J Potter, C E Bowen, M Zheng, J G Hawley, “Diesel-Electrical Generators”,  Encyclopaedia of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Vol  5,p 355-368, Wiley Pubs, USA, ISBN 0-471-13946-7, 1999.
  • J G Hawley, G T Reader, L Nuckols, I J Potter, “Design Aspects of Underwater Intervention Systems”, 304pp, Kendall-Hunt, USA, ISBN: 0-7872-1510-4 1996.
  • G Walker, G T Reader, O R Fauvel, "The Stirling Alternative", Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, Switzerland and USA, 237pp, ISBN: 2-88124-600-1 1994.