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Dr. Walid Abdul-Kader

Dr. Walid Abdul-Kader

519-253-3000 ext. 2608
Office: 3018 CEI

Research Interests
- Sustainable manufacturing systems, virtual factory design
- Performance optimization
- Modelling of manufacturing / remanufacturing systems
- Reverse Logistics Network 

Dr. William Altenhof

Dr. William AltenhofProfessor
519-253-3000 ext. 2619
Office: 2141 CEI

Research Interests
- Crashworthiness, impact testing, Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
- Experimental (destructive) testing, stress analysis
- Mechanical material testing & characterization under quasi-static & dynamic loading conditions
- Dynamics, machine design

Dr. Ronald Barron

Dr. R. Barron

Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
Cross Appointed to Mechanical Engineering

(519) 253-3000 ext 3019
Office: 9103, Lambton Tower
Research Interests
- Theoretical and applied computational fluid dynamics (CFD) & industrial applications of CFD
- Nozzles and jets, sprays, multiphase flows
- Turbulence modelling, bluff body aerodynamics

Dr. Jeff Defoe

Dr. Jeff Defoe

Associate​ Professor
Office:  Room 2172, CEI
Telephone:  (519) 253-3000 ext. 5961
Research Interests
- Development & implementation of simplified models of fans & compressors for use in numerical simulations
- Assessment of the impact of non-uniform flows on the aerodynamic & acoustic performance of turbomachines
- Use of combined numerical & experimental approaches to gain insight into key physical mechanisms governing turbomachine & general fluid flow behavior

Dr. Amir Fartaj

Dr. Amir Fartaj

519-253-3000 ext. 2618
Office: 2140 CEI

Research Interests
- Vehicle Thermal Management
- Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVACR)
- Nano Fluids, Heat Exchangers
- Phase Change Materials (PCM), Battery Thermal Management

Dr. Peter Frise

Dr. P. Frise

Director, Centre for Automotive Research & Education

519-253-3000 ext. 3888
Office: 2153 CEI

Research Interests
- Mechanical design & packaging studies
- Plastic molding technologies & machinery troubleshooting
- Fatigue of large welded structures
- Development, management and governance of R&D programs

Dr. Daniel Green

Dr. D. Green

Canada Research Chair in the Development and Optimization of Metal Forming Processes

519-253-3000 ext. 3887
Office: 2151 CEI

Research Interests
- Sheet metal forming, high strain rate deformation, hot stamping
- Mechanical testing, formability testing, material anisotropy
- Finite element modelling, process optimization
- Applications to automotive manufacturing

Dr. Jennifer Johrendt

Dr. J. Johrendt

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, WINONE
Associate Professor
519-253-3000 ext. 2625

Research Interests
- Vehicle structural durability
- Neural network characterization of material properties and processing parameters
- Composites design for vehicle lightweighting

Dr. Bruce Minaker

Dr. B. Minaker

Associate Professor
519-253-3000 ext. 2621
Office: 3019 CEI

Research Interests
- Vehicle dynamics & control
- Multibody dynamics
- Numerical modeling & simulation
- Suspension design