Integrated BASc-MASc Program

The Faculty of Engineering offers a Bachelor's/Master's Integrated Engineering Degree program which allows students with outstanding academic ability to achieve both a BASc and MASc degree in a time period as short as five years.

This program treats the educational process through the BASc to the MASc degree as a single coherent integrated whole, while ensuring that the requirements for both degrees are fully satisfied. This structured program represents a complementary alternative to the existing separate undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Curriculum, Admission and Program Requirements

Application to the Integrated BASc/MASc can be made early in the Winter semester of the student's third year of undergraduate BASc study. Normally, only applicants who have a cumulative grade point average of at least 78% (B+), and a semester grade point average of 78% (B+) in the Fall semester of their third year of undergraduate BASc study may be granted admission to the integrated program which confers conditional admission status to the MASc program.  Applicants would be granted "conditional admission to the MASc program.  The condition to be fulfilled is "satisfactory completion of the requirements of the BASc degree with at least a B average."

Students in their 4th year of their BASc degree would take one course each semester at the graduate level.

Application Information

For more information, please contact a MAME graduate coordinator.