Key Request

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Windsor


For all key requests for the Faculty of Engineering, you must complete the form below and submit it to before proceeding.  You will need to verify with your Supervisor which rooms/labs you will need access to and have them sign this form authorizing our access.  

For further instructions, please talk to your departmental administrative assistant. 


Once the completed form has been submitted as instructed above, you will need to submit a formal request through the University of Windsor Key Control system using their link Key Control and will require your UWind ID (first part of your UWin email address) and password.  


Process for submitting your key request online 

When filling out a key request online, in the comments bar please put digit #, located on the back of your staff/faculty/student card.  For students please add the date you plan to complete your degree program. Using your staff/faculty/student as an access card speeds up the process you will not need to pay a $50 dollar deposit for a new fob/access card. However, if you require a physical key the $50 deposit will still be required, however it will be returned to you once you return your keys to the Key Control at the end of your term. 


Under department please use CEI, this will give you a list of rooms available in the CEI building, if no rooms appear in the drop-down box please confirm the department. 

The following requests should be made: 

  1. In the upper notes section, list department and include if you are a student the name of your supervisor/advisor. 
  2. In the comment box please put the 5 digits on the back of your ID card.  If you are a student the date you plan to complete your degree is also needed.  This will grant you access to the building. 
  3. For access to the CEI building please be sure to choose the CEI building - Building perimeter entrances. 
  4. If you are a student your Supervisor's research lab, if necessary. Please check with your Supervisor directly before submitting.  If you are faculty/staff the room(s) numbers you require.


Once your request is submitted online, it will be forwarded to engtechmgr, who will match the online request with the form submitted, if approved it will be sent to Key Control for processing.  

The above process is the same for any extension requests, the form and online request will be need to completed and submitted. 

If requested, when your key(s) is ready for pick up, you will receive an email. Please note there is a $50 deposit required when you pick up your keys.  This deposit will be refunded to you when you return the key/card. 

Please Note: 

If your key access has been approved - you will need to provide the University KEYS office sometime to get back to you with a notice that your request is ready.  Please be patient.