Undergraduate Academic Advisors

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  • Please check the academic calendar for the year in which you started your studies (i.e. Fall 2020). Follow this link to the calendar -> navigate to Prior Undergraduate Calendars -> scroll down to the year you started your degree.
  • All Mechanical Engineering Programs may follow Path A (calendar based on the year of program start) or Path B (see below).  Path B represents a course reduction of 1 course for all Specializations and 2 courses for No Specialization (i.e. General).**

A summary of the offered courses can be found below:

SEMESTER 6 – All Students

MECH-3217       Applied Thermodynamics

MECH-3220       Fluid Mechanics 2

MECH-3228       Heat Transfer

MECH-4221       Machine Design

MECH-4259       Computer Aided Engineering OR

MECH-4258      Computational Fluid Dynamics


Additional to the above courses take one more course as follows:

*Aerospace Option: MECH 3670 – Aerospace Engineering Fundamentals

*Automotive Option: MECH 3430 – Automotive Engineering Fundamentals

*Environmental Option: MECH 4228 – Sustainability in Engineering

*Materials Option: MECH 3830 – Materials and their Properties

*General Mechanical: you may follow the calendar of the year you started (Path A) OR an adaptation of the new calendar (Path B), with a reduced course load.

Path A (your calendar): Take one technical elective from the General Technical Electives list at the bottom of this page**

Path B: No course OR one MECH 32XX/42XX


All Students will take, regardless of PATH A or B:

MECH-4200       Capstone Design

GENG-4210       Engineering & Society

MECH-3221       Control Theory


PATH A:  Please review the corresponding calendar.  Seek assistance** from your academic advisor if you are uncertain on your course requirements or if you are uncertain which Path is best for you.

Additional to the above courses take two more course as follows:

Aerospace Option

MECH-4671     Aerodynamics and Performance

MECH-4672     Flightworthiness


Automotive Option

MECH-4467       Vehicle Thermal Management

One course from the Automotive Technical Electives


Automotive Technical Electives

MECH-3215   Vibrations

MECH-4212   Mechatronics   

MECH-4255   Environmental Effects and Control of Noise                           

MECH-4469   Sustainable Propulsion

MECH-4440 – 7 Fundamentals/Electro-Mech Sys.    


Environmental Option

MECH-4255       Env. Effects / Control of Noise

One course from Environmental Technical Electives


Environmental Technical Electives

CIVL-3650      Traffic & Transportation Engineering                                                  

MECH-4465   Internal Combustion Engines                                  


Materials Option:

MECH-3830    Materials and Their Properties

MECH 4820    Ceramic Materials


General Mechanical:

For students following Path B, you must have 4 technical electives in total which must include HVAC (Winter 2024), Vibrations (Summer 2023 or Summer 2024), and 2 additional elective courses that have a code 32XX or 42XX.  Following are technical electives eligible for Path B Mechanical General:


General Mechanical Technical Electives

MECH-4212   Mechatronics

MECH-4228   Sustainability in Engineering

MECH-4255   Environmental Effects & Control of Noise

MECH 4258   Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

MECH 3215   Vibrations (REQUIRED FOR PATH B)


** If you are following your original calendar and are unsure of your course requirements, please contact mameadvise@uwindsor.ca or see one of the academic advisors during their office hours


Mr. Darryl Danelon
Wednesdays 1:30 p.m.– 4:00 p.m. 
CEI 2152

Academic Advising Appointments

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Dr. O. Jianu
Wednesdays 10:30AM to 12:30PM 
CEI 2179 (in person)