Pest Control

Should there be a pest control issue in your area, please contact extension 2850 or email

Please ensure that all food items are placed in sealed containers as rodents/insects have a keen sense of food and can detect it from large distances.


Should you have evidence of pests (insects, mice, rats), immediately restrict the consumption and storage of food products in the area.

Should the situation persist, please contact ext. 2850 or email

A rat

Larger Animals

Should you become aware of the presence of larger animals setting up "house" in your building, please contact ext. 2850 or email to

A squirrel
A racoon

Trapped Or Injured Animals

Should a wild or injured animal become trapped in your building or area, Contact Maintenance Dispatch at ext 2850 and Maintenance or Custodial Services will assess the situation.

A trapped skunk

An injured bird