Ontario Visiting Graduate Student

Ontario Visiting Graduate Students

The Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Plan (OVGS) allows a graduate student of an Ontario University (Home University) to take graduate courses at another Ontario University (Host University) while remaining registered at his/her own university. The plan allows the student to bypass the usual application for admission procedures and resultant transfer of credit difficulties.

University of Windsor Guidelines:

  1. A maximum number of two, 3-credit courses (or equivalent) can be taken through OVGS.
  2. The courses must be at the graduate level and be part of the student’s degree program.  Such courses may not be “extra” or “audit” courses for the student.  Normally, only optional courses will be approved.
  3. If a student requests permission to take a required course a full rationale should be provided as to why the course is being taken at another institution.
  4. Approval from the departmental Coordinator of Graduate Studies and Dean of Graduate Studies at the Home institution is required first.
  5. The application form is then sent to the departmental Coordinator of Graduate Studies and Graduate Dean at the Host University for approval.
  6. Final approval of the course is not official until all signatures are received. Courses must be approved by the first day of classes.  Approval is not guaranteed, and students should therefore have an alternative registration plan.
  7. Upon approval, the student is registered and pays fees to his/her Home University and is classed as a “visiting graduate student” at the Host University where he/she pays no fees. Regular graduate fees apply to University of Windsor students on the OVGS program.  
  8. Withdrawal from Course(s): An official withdrawal form is available in all Graduate Studies offices (Dean’s office) for Ontario Visiting Graduate Students. It is the responsibility of the student to notify both the Host University Graduate Dean and the Home University Graduate Dean of his/her withdrawal as soon as possible by completion of the appropriate form in duplicate. The official withdrawal date is that pertaining to the Host University.   
  9. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange to have an official transcript sent by the Host University to the Faculty of Graduate Studies as soon as the final grade is available.
  10. A grade of Pass or Fail is recorded on the student’s transcript. A minimum grade of 70% is required for a Pass.

The application form and the notification of withdrawal are available from the "Student Forms" webpage (under 'Enrolment, registration & general use forms').